In Plain Sight

Five Amazing Locations That Prove Why Staten Island Is New York’s Most Versatile Borough For Filming

There’s a saying when it comes to location scouting in New York City: if you can’t find it anywhere, try Staten Island. While Staten Island often fights for recognition amongst the boroughs that don’t require a ferry for access, it nonetheless features some of the most interesting and unique filming locations anywhere in the city. Below, five choice locales to ... Read More »

A 19th Century Stable Hidden in the Heart of Midtown Manhattan

Some time ago, I was walking down West 55th Street in midtown when I happened to notice a peculiar building near Seventh Avenue… This three-story structure, nestled in between the towering brick pre-war apartments that line the block. There was almost an abandoned feel to it, with flaking paint giving way to the brick underneath… On the second floor, a ... Read More »

The Best Construction Fence Ever In New York City

For the past week, I’ve been scouting dozens of construction sites around Brooklyn and Queens, which means I’ve been running into the same boring green fencing pretty much everywhere (specifically, “hunter green,” as per city requirements). As I was driving around, I was suddenly reminded of the best construction fencing I think I’ve ever seen in New York. It was ... Read More »

This Is What The Top Of New York Looks Like

In case you’ve ever wondered what the top of New York looks like, here it is! Last weekend, some friends and I hiked the 7.4 mile trail up Mount Marcy. Located in the High Peaks region of the Adirondacks, the summit of Mount Marcy is officially the highest point in New York state at 5,343 feet. The views are absolutely ... Read More »

The Strange Little Building Next To The Empire State Building

Last week, I was scouting around midtown when I happened to notice the building at 34th Street and Fifth Avenue… Er, make that the building next to the building at 34th Street and Fifth Avenue: For the longest time, 22 West 34th Street has confused the hell out of me. How did this incredibly strange little structure come to be ... Read More »

The Angels by the Brooklyn Bridge

One of my favorite things to stumble across are bits of architectural ornamentation that are nearly invisible from the street. Case in point: 150 Nassau, near the Brooklyn Bridge. Looking up from the ground, this is the view. You can tell there’s a bit of detailing at the top, but it’s too difficult to really make anything out in particular, ... Read More »

Scars In Limestone: Finding Traces of the 1920 Wall Street Bombing

As I was scouting around Wall Street this past weekend, I noticed a number of tourists taking pictures of the usual sights: the New York Stock Exchange, Federal Hall… However, no one seemed to be paying any attention to one of the more interesting historical remnants, found at 23 Wall Street. Swing around to the north side of the building ... Read More »