In Plain Sight

The Apartment Building In the Shadow of Yankee Stadium

For the past five months, I’ve been working on a movie shooting exclusively in the Bronx, and almost every day, I’ve driven up Jerome Avenue, passing Gate 2 of Yankee Stadium on the right… …and this gorgeous art deco building on the left, located at 1005 Jerome Avenue: Built in 1931, the mammoth 8-story, six-bay-wide Park Plaza Apartments building is ... Read More »

The Strangest Neighborhood In New York City

Last week, I was driving around in a southeastern area of the Bronx… …when the road I was following came to an abrupt end, with a series of signs forcing me to turn right. I turned… …and all of a sudden, it was like I was in a completely different world. Read More »

The Ruins of Old Union Square

A couple of weeks ago, I was taking pictures in Union Square for my article on The Warriors filming locations, when I happened to pass by these six crumbling columns on the mezzanine level near the 4-5-6 train. Now, I’ve walked by these things a zillion times in my travels across New York City, but it suddenly occurred to me ... Read More »

A Ghost Railway Line In The Bronx

Last week, I was scouting for woodland trails, which brought me up to Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx. I’d never been before, and I randomly picked a trail and just started walking. A little ways in, I noticed something unusual off to the side of the trail… …A row of what almost looked like oversized gravestones: Read More »

The Creepy Book-Reading Gargoyle at West 181st Street

I was waiting at a light yesterday at the corner of 181st and Fort Washington Ave, when I happened to look up at the building on the corner… …and noticed a line of human gargoyles perched near the top. But one in particular quickly caught my eye… A very creepy book-reading gargoyle. Read More »

The Little Townhouse In The Shadow Of 30 Rock

Last week, I was scouting office space in midtown, and I stopped by one of my favorite buildings on Sixth Avenue. At 850 feet tall, 30 Rockefeller Plaza is the 10th tallest building in New York… …which is why I love the little townhouse standing next to it so much. On an avenue lined by some of Manhattan’s most iconic ... Read More »

A Haunted Mansion In The Bronx

This is why I love scouting the Bronx. Because you’ll be driving down a street lined with typical Bronx apartment buildings, the last place you’d expect to stumble on anything outside the norm… …when all of a sudden, you’ll notice something minor – maybe a break in the trees up ahead… And I swear, in the Bronx, these little snippets ... Read More »

The Little Greenhouse Across From The Cemetery

Last Saturday, I had the always enjoyable task of going to Time Warner Brooklyn, where I waited for an hour in line to exchange a broken cable box, only to get one that turned out to be worse than the first. I figured the afternoon was a bust, until I realized I’d parked across the street from a place I’ve ... Read More »