The Weird Stuff

Is This The Weirdest Car In New York City?

OK, so that time machine I spotted in the Bronx was definitely one of the weirdest cars I’ve ever come across, and that Mad Max limo was pretty unusual too. But this one might have them both beat. I spotted this, er, customized Hyundai one evening last week on the Upper West Side… Literally, every inch of the thing is ... Read More »

The Fanciest Mouse Hole In New York City

I was walking up Wythe Ave in Williamsburg last week when something caught my eye… Wait for it… Getting closer… Almost there… And here it is: the fanciest mouse hole in New York City, featuring a Federal-style doorway complete with pilasters and a pediment! Alas, a scan of the code in the doorknocker area reveals it not to be the ... Read More »

The Weirdest Beach in New York City

The path to New York City’s weirdest beach is actually quite pleasant. After walking some distance along the quiet trail, the trees gradually disappear, replaced by reeds swaying gently in the breeze. When you finally arrive at the beach, perhaps passing a couple of bikes leaning against an old wooden bench, you might feel as though you’ve somehow been transported ... Read More »

This Fish Factory Sign Looks Familiar…

OK, is it just me, or does this sign for Marshall’s Greenpoint Fish Factory… …look a hell of a lot like the logo for Marshall’s the discount clothing chain?  Just something I wonder about every time I get on the BQE from Greenpoint. -SCOUT Read More »

A Rare Time Machine Sighting In The Bronx

In my 7+ years of scouting in New York City, I’ve only seen a handful of time machines. They’re just about the rarest thing you can stumble on, and on those few occasions when you think you seen one out of the corner of your eye, you’ll turn – and find only empty air. But something special happened the other ... Read More »

Is This The Weirdest House In New York City?

I’ve been doing a lot of scouting in the Bronx recently, which is great because it’s the borough I know the least and I keep finding interesting little things at every turn. Case in point, I was driving down St. Lawrence Avenue last week… …when I passed by this house: Now, at first glance, you could easily drive by without ... Read More »

How To Turn Your House Into A Castle

Last week, I was scouting around the Bronx’s Country Club neighborhood, when I happened to turn down Clarence Ave, a nice residential street… …and a little house caught my eye off to the side: From a distance, it seemed like an ordinary enough house… But wait…were those miniature medieval turrets on each corner?? Read More »