The Weird Stuff

The Spaceship Church In Queens

Seeing the blue onion dome from a distance, you’d probably assume St. Nicholas to be your typical Russian church. But take a drive down Clintoneville Ave, and you’ll realize the truth… Someone has landed a spaceship in Queens and disguised it as a Russian Orthodox church. Read More »

Pool Rules Signs Leave Nothing To The Imagination

I’ve been scouting swimming pools at country clubs in the New York area recently, and I’m pretty amazed at how graphic the Pool Rules signs can be. Like this one, spotted at a country club with a $30K initiation fee and $30k/year membership dues: “Discharge of fecal matter” – are you kidding me?? I know they’re trying to a find ... Read More »

A Very Strange House in New Jersey

It’s been a while since I last scouted in Jersey, but this past Friday, I found myself searching the Morristown area for a country road. I happened to turn down a residential street… …passing a handful of your typical upper class houses that can be found pretty much anywhere: Nothing particularly of note here… And then, I saw a very ... Read More »

Please Do Not Urinate On The Smallest Street In Manhattan

Weehawken Street, located as far west in the Village as you can go, bears the title of Manhattan’s smallest street. I can only assume it also holds one other record… Having the most signs asking people not to pee on it: Literally, there are four signs hung on the block all requesting the same courtesy… Some in better shape than ... Read More »

Those Creepy Fake Mickey Rides…

Is it just me, or does anyone else get creeped out by the bizarre knock-off Mickey rides often found outside bodegas around New York? I have no idea why it’s automatically delightful whenever Disney anthropomorphizes animals, and I know this is the exact same idea…but something just feels off about it. Also, the idea of what that thing would look ... Read More »

Scouting The Occult in Brooklyn

On two different movies I’ve scouted for recently, I was asked to find a genuine “occult store.” Of course, by occult, they actually mean cliched movie magic shop ala the curio shop in Gremlins. Sadly, the reality is that such shops SIMPLY DO NOT EXIST. Literally, there is not a single store in New York that bears any resemblance to ... Read More »

Aliens Have Landed At Bergdorf

No joke: this is one of the new spring window displays at Bergdorf Goodman. Yep, aliens have landed at Bergdorf Goodman, and they’re not alone. Frankenstein came along for the ride… …As did this raptor, and a number of other horror movie characters. So assuming you have a soft spot for horror movies as I do, your reaction was probably ... Read More »