The Weird Stuff

What’s Going On With This Red Mini-Van?

I was shooting some buildings around Madison Ave in the 20’s Tuesday (just before the snowpocalypse of 2010 hit) when I noticed this red minivan parked illegally. Specifically, what caught my eye was not the car itself, but rather the weird wire coming out of the rear window, running into the gas tank, coming back out of the gas tank, ... Read More »

Probably Should Avoid This Place…

I was scouting around Red Hook today when I noticed this old brick warehouse: While the building itself is neat, what really caught my attention were all the warning signs: So in summary: Violators Will Be Prosecuted, possibly by: And in case those dogs don’t work out: And hey, because we can’t have too many signs: I love that that ... Read More »

The Legend of the Metrocard Bike

When I saw it today at 59th and 8th, I didn’t realize I had come across a legend. At the time, it seemed like a clever novelty: a bike completely decked out in Metrocards (for non-New Yorkers, a Metrocard is a NYC subway pass). Great job, right? I like the basket work… I also dig the front wheel, which features ... Read More »

Masked Vigilante on 42nd Street

In these troubling times, it is refreshing to know that somewhere in the Socony-Mobil building… …Perched high above 42nd Street… …A masked avenger keeps a constant vigil over us. -SCOUT PS – The Socony-Mobil building at 150 East 42nd Street is one of my all-time favorite buildings in New York. Interesting fact: The raised patterns on the stainless steel panels ... Read More »

I Should Really Be Driving This Car

I’m speechless… I wish I could say that this is the new “SCOUTING NY” official website car, but it’s not. It was sent to me today by frequent reader Jack, who noticed it in Williamsburg. Who is this impostor, and how could he be so insidious as to steal my monicker for his car doors?? And frankly, is this the ... Read More »

The Strange Main Street USA on Roosevelt Island

Did you ever play with the Fisher Price Little People when you were a kid? Or Lego village sets? Did you ever notice how every store was simply named for its purpose, and there was zero competition? For example, the market was called “Market,” the barber shop was called “Barber Shop,” and the pet store was called “Pet Store”? Apparently, ... Read More »

Strangeness Afoot in Old Trinity Cemetery

I was scouting the Old Trinity Cemetery when a guy walked up to me and asked if I had seen any chickens. OK, that sounds like the beginning to a joke. Before I delve into my odd story, let me give a quick rundown on one of the most beautiful and interesting outdoor spaces in New York City. Covering four ... Read More »

The Sign-Eating Tree of Richmond Hill

I was scouting in the Richmond Hill neighborhood of Queens today when I saw this tree that appears to be devouring its “SLOW – CHILDREN AT PLAY” sign. I’ve seen signs with bark wrap-over before, but here it seems like the tree is on the verge of gulping the sign down. From the side, you can see how far the ... Read More »

Who is the TelePrompTer?

I was walking around Morningside Heights the other day when I passed by this interesting courtyard at 521 West 111th Street. I went in to take some pictures… …and I noticed this odd sign to the the left of the front door. At first, I didn’t think much of it. But the more I considered it, the more I realized ... Read More »