The Weird Stuff

The Oscars of Greeting Cards

I was talking with the owner of a building the other day about getting shooting access. As it turns out, his main business is in greeting cards. I never knew it, but apparently, this is the award a group like Hallmark wants to win for designing a perfect greeting card – the Louie Award. I love that it’s in the ... Read More »

Gridlock Busters

I was waiting forever in heavy traffic on Norfolk Street to turn onto the Williamsburg Bridge when I noticed this sign. It seems pretty old (I’m sure that crossed circle was once red), and the more I thought about it, the more I decided that it has to be the most abstract official traffic sign in the city. Seriously, look ... Read More »

The Psychedelic Bus Dog

I frequently drive past this parking lot at Kent and Broadway in Williamsburg. Whenever I pass, I notice the psychedelic bus parked there… …and I wonder: what’s the story with the pit bull sitting in the second to last seat? He’s always there, staring morosely out the window at passing cars. I’d say he’s a guard dog, except there’s really ... Read More »

NY’s Green Mutant Teenagers Celebrate 25 Years

Yesterday, the Empire State building was lit up green for Earth Day. Tonight (Thursday, April 23), it will also be green, but for an entirely different reason, ironically celebrating an event that could have never occurred on a clean planet… It’s the 25th anniversary of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Anyone born pre-1980 will probably groan at this, but for ... Read More »

Who Is The Man In Orange?

I was walking around Battery Park today when I saw The Man In Orange: Look closely – not only orange hat and orange coat, but matching orange suit and shoes. AND MATCHING SHOES. Where do you buy this kind of thing??? The best part was watching the reactions from park-goers, like this woman… …and this guy (note shoes)… …and these ... Read More »

The Aristocrat: The Mystery of the West Village Camper

I swear the camper in this picture has been parking on this street for years. Years. Right around the corner from this block is a Manhattan office building that is routinely rented out by film productions. I’ve worked out of there on numerous movies, and over the course of a job, you end up driving down this street countless times. ... Read More »

A Walking Blood Cell in LIC

Nothing is more surreal than crossing the street in Long Island City yesterday beside what I can only guess is a giant, glasses-wearing red blood cell, and overhearing him talking to the guy next to him about how hard it is to find an affordable 2-bedroom in the city. They went into a Mexican restaurant, then came out moments later ... Read More »