Leaving NY

Welcome To Saint John, US Virgin Islands

When my girlfriend and I decided to go to St. John in the US Virgin Islands (based on your travel recommendations!), I assumed we were in for seven days of this: I didn’t do much planning leading up to the trip. Part of it was that I tend to overplan vacations, only to end up feeling like I need a ... Read More »

Pirate Treasure at Dungeon Rock

During the Thanksgiving break this year, I took some time to visit the Lynn Woods in Lynn Massachusetts, a beautiful nature reservation encompassing lakes, swamps, rock formations, a small mountain, endless woodland… …and, according to legend, a pirate treasure that has been buried for centuries. Growing up near Lynn, I’d always heard the stories about pirate treasure buried in the ... Read More »

Escape from NY: The Great 2010 Roadtrip

On July 9th, 2010, my girlfriend and I set out from New York City on a cross-country roadtrip. Our plan was simply to get as far west as we could, avoiding the Interstates at all costs. Twenty days and 8,000 miles later, we returned to New York City, having driven through 20 states in total. I kept a photo journal ... Read More »

The Road Trip Ends

From Tennessee, we continued driving into North Carolina, passing through the Great Smoky Mountains – and man were they smokin’ today: The Smokies are named for the fog that rises in early morning hours and after it rains, a result of warm humid air from the Gulf of Mexico cooling in the higher elevation. It was raining as we entered, ... Read More »

Louisiana to Tennessee: From Beautiful Oak Alley Plantation to the Kitsch of Graceland

We left New Orleans following the Great River Road north, which winds along the south side of the Mississippi. While we saw the occasional sugar cane field that once brought tremendous wealth to the state… …most of the horizon was dominated by impossibly ugly petrochemical plants. While brochures may call the route Plantation Alley, it’s known as Chemical Corridor to ... Read More »