Leaving NY

Halfway to the Pacific

Continuing west on US-56, we drove through Scranton (population: 724). Not much was going on… One building of note: a former Methodist church converted to a garage (you can just make out the big roll-gates on the right): Across the street was this abandoned gas station, and I was really intrigued by the sign on the left: ENTER IF YOU ... Read More »

Heading West Through Kansas City (Roadtrip Day 04)

I’ll come clean: I’m really embarrassed to admit that, prior to arriving this morning, I thought Kansas City was in Kansas, when in fact it’s in Missouri. Hence, my celebrations at finally reaching Kansas turned out to be a bit premature (thanks to commenters below, I’ve now learned that Kansas City actually exists in both Missouri and Kansas, with the ... Read More »

Small Towns Across Illinois (Roadtrip Day 03)

For most of the journey from Salem, Illinois, to St. Louis, this was the view out the window: Literally, endless, endless fields. Most of the towns we passed through were little more than a  collection of houses, a commercial business or two, and then more fields. As we came to Carlyle, Illinois (known for its man-made lake, the largest in ... Read More »

Following The Ohio River (Roadtrip Day 2 Cont’d)

After swinging through Aurora, we decided to take a detour from US-50 and follow Rt-56, which winds along the Ohio River. Route-56 is a beautiful drive, with amazing views of the Ohio River (and Kentucky beyond): Below,  the path we took: Often, the view of the river would be replaced by cornfields… It was on Route 56 that we first ... Read More »

Main Street USA in Aurora, Indiana (Roadtrip Day 02)

After the seven hour Interstate drive the previous day, I woke up Saturday dreading the thought of hitting the bland four-lane pavement for another long haul. I don’t think anything in the world is as mind-numbingly boring as Interstate travel, and even at 80+ mph (thanks, West Virginia!), to me, it feels like you’re moving at a snail’s pace. Well, ... Read More »

Escape From New York! Roadtrip Day 01

Our 2010 roadtrip began where all the great expeditions of history have set out: White Plains, NY. You’re not going to get very far on a road trip without a car, and as neither I nor my girlfriend own one, we had no choice but to rent. I spent much of last week researching the cheapest rental options in New ... Read More »

The White Mana Diner

Recently, I’ve been scouting New York looking for Detroit (don’t ask), a search that ultimately led to me to northern Jersey. As I was driving down down Tonnele Ave in Jersey City, I had to pull over and shoot what has to be one of the coolest diners I’ve ever come across, The White Mana Diner. Seriously, do diners get ... Read More »

Forgotten Shipwrecks & Beachside Graves

Today, some friends and I decided to hike out to Long Point beach – essentially, the very last tip of the Cape Cod hook. Starting at the end of Rt-6A, you climb over a very long breakwater (the dotted line), then continue on up the beach. It’s was about a 1.5 hour hike out. Sure, we could’ve taken the 10 ... Read More »

Searching For The Lost Grave of Thomas Ridley

While in Cape Cod, I’ve explored a bunch of ancient graveyards, and am always intrigued by their distinctly Cape-ish history: sea captains, lost-at-sea deaths, the high birth mortality rate (you often find infant graves beside a mother’s, both having died on the same date), etc. In trying to find some info on them, I came across a great website called ... Read More »