Leaving NY

The Abandoned Bates Motel of Cape Cod

Truro, Massachusetts, is the first town south of Provincetown (for those of you unfamiliar with Massachusetts geography, Provincetown is located at the very end of Massachusetts’ Cape Cod “arm”). One of the best biking routes through Truro is along Rt. 6A, known as “Old Kings Highway,” or the original main thoroughfare up the Cape. Along this route are numerous cottage-style ... Read More »

An Encounter With Nature

I was biking on one of the great bike paths along Cape Cod when, out of nowhere, a cute brown fox with black legs ran out onto the path ahead of me, literally about 10 feet away. I quickly froze and watched the fox, who didn’t seem to care that I was around. My camera was deep in my bag, ... Read More »

A Skull & Dagger in Barcelona

READ BEFORE SCROLLING DOWN!!!: I went to Spain last summer shortly after finishing a huge stressful film job and had an amazing time (despite my surprise to learn that the midday temperature in the south often hits 104°…I, uh, should really do my research before I go on these things). I spent a week in Barcelona where a friend of ... Read More »

Trains and Treasure In New Jersey

I love any opportunity to go somewhere I’ve never been, especially while scouting. Too often, we end up scouting the same neighborhoods and streets on every job, and it can get redundant. I had an appointment in western New Jersey farm country last week to check out some vintage train cars, and it turned out to be a great change ... Read More »

The Abandoned Big Bamboo Lounge of Kissimmee, FL

Two years ago, I took my first ever trip down to Disney World and had a much better time than I ever expected to. On a non-parks day, a friend took me around Orlando to a few interesting sites off the beaten path. Among them was the then-closed/now-demolished Big Bamboo Lounge, a dive bar pictured above. I wish I had ... Read More »