Long Island

Scouting Long Island’s Decommissioned Nuclear Power Plant

Driving on Route-25a through East Shoreham, you’d never guess there was anything unusual about the gated road heading off toward the coast. But go down a ways… …and suddenly, it’ll appear through the trees… Long Island’s only nuclear power plant, closed and shuttered since it was decommissioned in 1994. Today, it sits completely empty, a relic of 1970s design permanently ... Read More »

The Most Beautiful McDonald’s In America

Last week, I was out in Long Island scouting around Jericho Turnpike, which, if you’ve never had the pleasure of driving, is one of those hellish, strip mall-lined highways with traffic lights that are perfectly synchronized to make your travel time as long as possible. Read More »

The House That Created Howard Stern

A few weeks ago, I was driving out to Long Island to scout some airports while listening to the Howard Stern Show on Sirius-XM. During a replay of an old interview with Eddie Murphy, Stern and Murphy began commiserating over having grown up in the town of Roosevelt, Long Island – and I suddenly realized his old home address wasn’t ... Read More »

Back In Time At The Catalina Beach Club

If you’ve ever dreamed of going back in time, forget the DeLorean and simply drive out to Atlantic Beach to visit the Catalina Beach Club. As far as I can tell, time stopped at Catalina one day around 1950 or so… …and the minute hand hasn’t ticked since. And man, is it beautiful. Read More »

Exploring An Empty Mansion: Inside Hempstead House

This is Hempstead House today: In comparison, the below picture was taken in 1940, shortly after Hempstead became a home for refugee children from England, who had been sent to the US because of World World II. The caption reads: “Huntsmen three play safari in the jungle that once composed the formal garden. Pith helmets were produced when children, used ... Read More »