Scars In Limestone: Finding Traces of the 1920 Wall Street Bombing

As I was scouting around Wall Street this past weekend, I noticed a number of tourists taking pictures of the usual sights: the New York Stock Exchange, Federal Hall… However, no one seemed to be paying any attention to one of the more interesting historical remnants, found at 23 Wall Street. Swing around to the north side of the building ... Read More »

What Will Happen To Times Sq’s Historic Embassy Theater?

Last year, I wrote a post encouraging everyone to visit the Times Square Visitor Center, regardless of whether you were a tourist or not. At the time, I had ducked in to use the free bathrooms, and was completely surprised to find chandeliers, marble accents and gold-framed posters in the entranceway… …wood-paneled walls with gilded decorations further in… …and beyond, ... Read More »

In Search of Manhattan’s Last Remaining Skybridges

Last week, I was driving down West 24th Street when I noticed something… They’re tearing down the West 24th Street skybridge. Once connecting the two buildings that comprised the now defunct International Toy Center, the southern building at 1107 Broadway is currently being converted into luxury condos. While there’s certainly no need for the bridge anymore, I’m sorry to see ... Read More »

Will This 200-Year-Old Farmhouse Be Torn Down For Condos?

I’ll never forget the day I first spotted the 19th century West Village farmhouse that shouldn’t exist. I was driving down Greenwich Street when I happened to glance over and notice a strange little building poking through the trees. I pulled over and headed down Charles Street… …and came upon what has to be the single most unusual house in ... Read More »

Searching For An Underground River in Morningside Heights

About a year ago, I got a letter from a reader about an underground river hidden somewhere in Morningside Heights: Years ago, I lived at [removed]. My father swore there was a stream running under a lot of the buildings there. I’m endlessly fascinated by Manhattan’s underground rivers. Once an island covered in streams, brooks, rivers, swamps, and marshes, many ... Read More »

The Last Two L-Shaped Streets in Manhattan

When driving in Manhattan, I love taking a random turn and finding myself on a curved street. While commonplace pretty much anywhere else, crooked streets are incredibly rare in Manhattan. There are certainly avenues and streets with gradual curves, but when it comes to sharp angles – the kind that require you to really twist the wheel while still mid-block ... Read More »

The Weirdest Building In Midtown

Last week, I was trudging through a very slushy midtown when I happened to turn onto 47th Street… …and walk past what has to be one of the strangest buildings in Manhattan: A six-story office building, the facade of 15 East 47th Street is completely obscured by a wall of brass-colored rings: Here’s a close-up. You can just see the ... Read More »

A Visit To The Daily Planet

A few weeks ago, I was scouting office spaces during a particularly ugly snowstorm, and found myself heading to an option located at 220 East 42nd Street. It wasn’t until I’d parked my car and was walking through the doors that I looked up and realized I was going into the Daily News building… Home to one of the greatest ... Read More »