The 1930s Bus Station Hidden In A Times Square Hotel

The other day, I received an email asking if a bus station, dating to the 1930s, still existed at the Hotel Carter. A hidden bus station from the 1930s? In Times Square?? I’d never heard of this before (in fact, I only knew of the Hotel Carter as one of the dirtiest hotels in America) but I had to investigate. ... Read More »

The Ruins of Old Union Square

A couple of weeks ago, I was taking pictures in Union Square for my article on The Warriors filming locations, when I happened to pass by these six crumbling columns on the mezzanine level near the 4-5-6 train. Now, I’ve walked by these things a zillion times in my travels across New York City, but it suddenly occurred to me ... Read More »

The Creepy Book-Reading Gargoyle at West 181st Street

I was waiting at a light yesterday at the corner of 181st and Fort Washington Ave, when I happened to look up at the building on the corner… …and noticed a line of human gargoyles perched near the top. But one in particular quickly caught my eye… A very creepy book-reading gargoyle. Read More »

The Little Townhouse In The Shadow Of 30 Rock

Last week, I was scouting office space in midtown, and I stopped by one of my favorite buildings on Sixth Avenue. At 850 feet tall, 30 Rockefeller Plaza is the 10th tallest building in New York… …which is why I love the little townhouse standing next to it so much. On an avenue lined by some of Manhattan’s most iconic ... Read More »