A Secret World on the Upper West Side: A Trip Down Pomander Walk

When you first turn onto West 95th Street from Broadway, it seems like pretty much any Upper West Side block: a few apartment buildings, some fire escapes, a tree or two…Nothing in particular to catch the eye. In fact, I’m not even sure how many trips down the street it took before I finally noticed the gate. At first glance, ... Read More »

And To Think That I Saw Bees On Mulberry Street

I was just going through an old hard drive when I came across some pictures of one of the odder things I think I’ve ever come across scouting… Last August, I was scouting around Little Italy when I suddenly noticed a crowd of people forming at the corner of Mulberry & Grand. On closer inspection, it appeared they were engulfed ... Read More »

Something Wicked To Bleecker Street Comes

Every October, I make it a point to take a walk down Bleecker Street and check out the Ralph Lauren stores, which as far as I’m concerned, have some of the best Halloween displays in the city. Rather than being goofy or gorey or over the top, they’re always done with creativity and great attention to detail. Really dug this ... Read More »

The Smallest Graveyard In Manhattan

One of my favorite cemeteries in New York is so small, I must have walked by it dozens of times in my travels before I first noticed it. Don’t feel bad if you’ve missed it too. Lined by residential buildings, it’s only natural to assume the short stretch of fencing on the south side of West 11th Street to be ... Read More »

The 200-Year-Old Hotel On East 61st Street

I was walking around East 60th Street and 1st Avenue when I suddenly realized I’ve rarely explored this area of the city. The reason is a practical one: the traffic nightmare created by the nearby 59th Street Bridge makes filming in the neighborhood very difficult, and the few places I’ve scouted here have always been passed over. I happened to ... Read More »

The Last Dirt Road In Manhattan

The other day, I was out scouting alleys, and decided to take a walk up to Broadway Alley, which runs from East 26th – 27th between Lex & 3rd. Broadway Alley doesn’t get much filming*, but I figured I’d take some pictures and see what the current status was. Broadway Alley has a pretty great alley look, with crumbling, grime-covered ... Read More »

The Secret Train Car in Bloomingdale’s

The other day, I was searching for restaurants around midtown when something came up on my phone that seemed too good to be true. I headed into Bloomingdale’s… …Passed through clothing floor after clothing floor… …Got lost… …Somehow found myself in housewares on the fifth floor… …and finally, found this staircase: I started up the stairs… …and arrived at the ... Read More »