The Secret Pool In The Woolworth Building

Recently, I had the pleasure of scouting the Woolworth Building, which, as far as I’m concerned, is as close as you can come to visiting a royal palace in New York. From its towering vaulted ceilings… …covered in unbelievably ornate mosaics… Read More »

The Long Death of the Sad Little Diner On West Street

One of my favorite diners in New York is so small, you could literally blink and miss it while driving north on West Street. And it’s understandable – tucked in between two auto repair shops in the shadow of a large tree, it almost looks like it doesn’t want to be bothered with such trivialities as customers and business. Read More »

A Surprise In The Freight Entrance

Last Friday, I was walking down West 37th Street off of Eight Avenue when I happened to pass by this freight entrance (you can see a man wheeling something out of it below). There are a zillion unremarkable freight elevator entrances on 37th Street, and normally I wouldn’t look twice… But something caught my eye about this one… Read More »

The Skinniest Store in Manhattan?

Last week, I was scouting around the Upper West Side when I noticed something nestled in the miniscule gap between two buildings on Columbus… Literally occupying about 3 or 4 feet of space, was that a store?? Indeed it was! Known as the “Amazing Store and Smoke Shop” (which pretty much covers everything, if you think about it)… …the store ... Read More »

Sniffin’ Around Sniffen Court

The best way to encounter Sniffen Court is to stumble upon it by accident…which is exactly what I did the other day as I was walking up East 36th Street. From down the street, it’s nearly invisible… …and then, halfway down the block, you come across this wonderful little alley lined with charming two-story brick residences: Read More »