There’s A Gold-Dispensing ATM on West 57th Street

A few days ago, I was scouting for office space around West 57th Street when I happened to walk by Stack’s Rare Coins shop… …and noticed what looked sort of like an ATM out front. Curious, I looked a little closer and realized this wasn’t any ordinary ATM… This ATM dispenses gold. Gold or silver, to be exact. Run by ... Read More »

The Weirdest Building In Midtown

Last week, I was trudging through a very slushy midtown when I happened to turn onto 47th Street… …and walk past what has to be one of the strangest buildings in Manhattan: A six-story office building, the facade of 15 East 47th Street is completely obscured by a wall of brass-colored rings: Here’s a close-up. You can just see the ... Read More »

NYC Holiday Shopping Suggestion: Fantasma Magic

This year’s holiday shopping suggestion is one of my favorite stores in New York, and I highly recommend a visit to everyone, especially if you’re searching for a one-of-a-kind Christmas gift. Located in the shadow of the Empire State Building, Fantasma Magic is tucked away on the third floor of 421 Seventh Avenue, and other than a small awning, you ... Read More »

The Little Townhouse In The Shadow Of 30 Rock

Last week, I was scouting office space in midtown, and I stopped by one of my favorite buildings on Sixth Avenue. At 850 feet tall, 30 Rockefeller Plaza is the 10th tallest building in New York… …which is why I love the little townhouse standing next to it so much. On an avenue lined by some of Manhattan’s most iconic ... Read More »

Awesome Art Deco WPA Painting Hidden in a NYC Post Office

Last year for Open House NY (happening soon – get your tickets now!), I wrote about the 8th Avenue Post Office, and how 95% of it is completely vacant. I was recently there for a location scout, and while I was waiting for my contact, I noticed something I hadn’t on my first visit: this absolutely gorgeous art deco painting ... Read More »

Abandoned on East 43rd Street

Each time I walk down East 43rd Street, I expect it to have been torn down: A beautiful Italianate marble building, 4 East 43rd Street has to be one of the few abandoned properties in Midtown. Nestled in amongst the skyscrapers adjacent to Grand Central, it has been decaying since I began my location scouting career over four years ago. ... Read More »

Masked Vigilante on 42nd Street

In these troubling times, it is refreshing to know that somewhere in the Socony-Mobil building… …Perched high above 42nd Street… …A masked avenger keeps a constant vigil over us. -SCOUT PS – The Socony-Mobil building at 150 East 42nd Street is one of my all-time favorite buildings in New York. Interesting fact: The raised patterns on the stainless steel panels ... Read More »