A Very Unusual Marriage Proposal in Queens

For the past week, I’ve been searching meticulously through Google Maps satellite view for a particular style of rooftop, and as I made my way across Long Island City… I happened to notice something unusual on one of the rooftops… A marriage proposal! But what was the story behind this? Did the suitor have his or her beloved read it ... Read More »

Visiting The Apocalypse (in Queens)

A week ago, I was out taking pictures of Citi Field… …and for some reason, I found myself paying attention to the long line of car repair places across the street. I’ve always been peripherally aware that the neighborhood has a high concentration of autobody shops along the main drags, but it never occurred to me that it might be ... Read More »

Gone Forever: The Ghost House In Queens

In June ’11, I wrote about one of my favorite “haunted house”-like properties in New York City, a dilapidated yet once beautiful Victorian located at 3103 37th Avenue in Queens: Gone forever: Several readers sent me this article in the Queens Gazette about its recent demise. Can’t wait to see what goes up in its place. You can read my ... Read More »

The Forest In The Hills

This past fall, my fiancee and I went to Europe. Among our many stops, we visited this really charming medieval village set in the hillside… OK, that was a test. Did you believe me for a second? Or am I the only one that thinks Forest Hills, Queens looks really out of place for New York City when viewed from ... Read More »

Stopping By Archie Bunker’s House in Queens

Last week, I was scouting in the Middle Village/Glendale area of Queens when I realized I was close to an address I’d been meaning to check out. Only thing was, as I pulled up to the house, I couldn’t remember why I’d written it down. Over the years, I’ve saved up a number of Google Maps bookmarks of New York ... Read More »