Road Trip!

From Colorado into Utah: Abandoned Cliff Dwellings, Monument Valley, and a Town Named After A Sombrero

Having reached the south-west corner of Colorado, we’d already noticed the landscape change dramatically, from mountains and pines to desert and scrub bush. First stop of the day was something I’d been looking forward to the whole road trip: Mesa Verde National Park. Mesa Verde is home to the incredible Anasazi cliff dwellings, constructed circa 1200 AD (by the time ... Read More »

Dodge City, Deadly Drives, and Penny Arcades: From Kansas to Colorado

We spent the night in Dodge City, Kansas, and ate breakfast at a local donut place, Daylight Donut. Coming from the north-east, where Dunkin’ Donuts has obliterated the concept of mom-and-pop donut shops, I appreciated it when the kid behind the counter said his parents had owned the place since ’78. The donuts were great, though we got funny stares ... Read More »

Halfway to the Pacific

Continuing west on US-56, we drove through Scranton (population: 724). Not much was going on… One building of note: a former Methodist church converted to a garage (you can just make out the big roll-gates on the right): Across the street was this abandoned gas station, and I was really intrigued by the sign on the left: ENTER IF YOU ... Read More »

Heading West Through Kansas City (Roadtrip Day 04)

I’ll come clean: I’m really embarrassed to admit that, prior to arriving this morning, I thought Kansas City was in Kansas, when in fact it’s in Missouri. Hence, my celebrations at finally reaching Kansas turned out to be a bit premature (thanks to commenters below, I’ve now learned that Kansas City actually exists in both Missouri and Kansas, with the ... Read More »

Small Towns Across Illinois (Roadtrip Day 03)

For most of the journey from Salem, Illinois, to St. Louis, this was the view out the window: Literally, endless, endless fields. Most of the towns we passed through were little more than a  collection of houses, a commercial business or two, and then more fields. As we came to Carlyle, Illinois (known for its man-made lake, the largest in ... Read More »

Following The Ohio River (Roadtrip Day 2 Cont’d)

After swinging through Aurora, we decided to take a detour from US-50 and follow Rt-56, which winds along the Ohio River. Route-56 is a beautiful drive, with amazing views of the Ohio River (and Kentucky beyond): Below,  the path we took: Often, the view of the river would be replaced by cornfields… It was on Route 56 that we first ... Read More »

Main Street USA in Aurora, Indiana (Roadtrip Day 02)

After the seven hour Interstate drive the previous day, I woke up Saturday dreading the thought of hitting the bland four-lane pavement for another long haul. I don’t think anything in the world is as mind-numbingly boring as Interstate travel, and even at 80+ mph (thanks, West Virginia!), to me, it feels like you’re moving at a snail’s pace. Well, ... Read More »

Escape From New York! Roadtrip Day 01

Our 2010 roadtrip began where all the great expeditions of history have set out: White Plains, NY. You’re not going to get very far on a road trip without a car, and as neither I nor my girlfriend own one, we had no choice but to rent. I spent much of last week researching the cheapest rental options in New ... Read More »