Rockland County

A Mental Asylum Cemetery Hidden In The Woods

On Call Hollow Road, in the Pomona/Stony Point area about 25 miles north of the city, there is a trail that leads off into the woods. Follow the trail in, and you’ll quickly find yourself surrounded on all sides by towering trees. A few minutes up the trail, just after you cross over a small brook, the trees will suddenly ... Read More »

The Filming Locations of Eyes Wide Shut

I happened to read an article about the new documentary Room 237, which delves into the wild conspiracy theories people have come up with to explain The Shining. These run the gamut, from a treatise on Native American oppression, to Kubrick’s admission that he helped fake the moon-landing footage. Most of it is pretty silly. But one theory made me ... Read More »

Why Everyone Films At The Same Damn New York Chinese Restaurant

So the other day, I finally saw Men In Black III, and there was one location that stood out: Located in Chinatown, Wu’s is THE Chinese restaurant all directors beg us to find. From the paper lanterns and intricate woodwork… …to the numerous fish tanks and detailed wallpaper. Throw in the hanging ducks in the window, and you’ve got every ... Read More »

Inside An Abandoned Masonic Hall In Tappan, NY

Last week, I was sent up to scout around Tappan, NY, a beautiful hamlet just over the New Jersey border. Each day, I found myself driving back and forth along a road called Western Highway… …and in the process, passing a gorgeous brick building that appeared to be abandoned. Was it a school, or former college? Perhaps the old town ... Read More »