Staten Island

Five Amazing Locations That Prove Why Staten Island Is New York’s Most Versatile Borough For Filming

There’s a saying when it comes to location scouting in New York City: if you can’t find it anywhere, try Staten Island. While Staten Island often fights for recognition amongst the boroughs that don’t require a ferry for access, it nonetheless features some of the most interesting and unique filming locations anywhere in the city. Below, five choice locales to ... Read More »

Inside the Paramount Theatre, Shuttered For Over 25 Years

Whenever I drive down Bay Street in Staten Island… …I always wonder about the boarded-up movie theater between Union and Prospect. Shuttered for over 25 years, this was once the art deco Paramount Theatre, one of Staten Island’s grandest movie theaters. Built on the site of Cornelius Vanderbilt’s childhood farmhouse, the Paramount opened in October, 1930, with seating for up ... Read More »

There’s Something Wrong With This Staten Island Church

Last weekend, I was scouting some locations on Staten Island, and the last on my list was this church at the southern tip of the island. At first, everything about the 185-foot tall Church of St. Joachim and St. Anne seemed perfectly normal. But as I was taking some angle shots, something started to feel…off. Then, as I walked around ... Read More »

Attention Superman: Lois Lane is in Staten Island

Haha, OK, very funny, Staten Island… Now where’s Jimmy Olsen Drive? I noticed this as I was driving down South Avenue in Staten Island last Friday. Google seems to think it’s Hughes Avenue – then again, they also insist on mislabeling the Perry White Memorial Highway as the FDR Drive, so what do they know? -SCOUT PS – I may ... Read More »

Puzzler Answer! Where Is This Photogenic NY Lake?

Director: I need an upstate New York lake. Foliage. Picturesque, secluded, quiet, and NO city buildings on the horizon. Producer: Scouts! Time to mobilize! But remember – you have to find the lake in the five boroughs or the unions will break my legs. Panicked Newbie Scout: Where are we going to find anything like that in the five boroughs?? ... Read More »

In Search of Ichabod Crane

At the corner of Richmond Ave and Amsterdam Place on Staten Island… …is a decaying graveyard known as New Springville Cemetery: The deteriorating fence alone gives a pretty good indication of what awaits inside: The first section of the cemetery is in decent shape… As you make your way back, however, you soon come across dozens of broken graves… …many ... Read More »

The Old Kitchen at Sea View Hospital

Sea View Hospital is one of the most amazing places I’ve ever scouted in New York, and I’m writing this post in part to encourage other film productions to keep it in mind for future shoots. Covering 350 acres of woodland on Staten Island and comprising of 50 historic buildings, Seaview was once the leading tuberculosis hospital in the United ... Read More »