The Bronx

How To Visit A New England Fishing Village In The Bronx

There is a magic road in The Bronx. At first, it seems like just an ordinary road through the woodsy Pelham Bay Park. But then, after a short ways, an old bridge appears in the distance. Though you probably won’t notice it, the magic happens just as you cross the midway point of the bridge. All of a sudden, you’ll ... Read More »

What’s Wrong With These Bronx Townhouses?

One of the worst kept secrets in New York is the phony townhouse at 58 Joralemon Street. Once an actual residence, it now hides a subway ventilator and emergency exit for the subway tunnel running directly below (the blacked-out windows should be your first clue that something odd is going on here). Anyway, last weekend, I was walking back to ... Read More »

The Bronx Is The Friendliest Borough In NYC

Of all the Boroughs, the one I’ve barely touched in my career as a scout is the Bronx. Sure, I’ve scouted the Zoo, and the Botanical Gardens, and Riverdale, and all the other places people typically mean when they say “Oh, I’ve been to the Bronx.” But not the real Bronx. Read More »

The Apartment Building In the Shadow of Yankee Stadium

For the past five months, I’ve been working on a movie shooting exclusively in the Bronx, and almost every day, I’ve driven up Jerome Avenue, passing Gate 2 of Yankee Stadium on the right… …and this gorgeous art deco building on the left, located at 1005 Jerome Avenue: Built in 1931, the mammoth 8-story, six-bay-wide Park Plaza Apartments building is ... Read More »

The Strangest Neighborhood In New York City

Last week, I was driving around in a southeastern area of the Bronx… …when the road I was following came to an abrupt end, with a series of signs forcing me to turn right. I turned… …and all of a sudden, it was like I was in a completely different world. Read More »

An Abandoned Stone Mansion Hiding In The Bronx

I’ve been doing a lot of scouting in the Highbridge Section of the Bronx, a neighborhood largely composed of large brick apartment buildings. The other day, I was driving down Woodycrest Avenue when something unusual caught my eye at the corner of West 167th Street… What the heck was that stone building tucked in behind the one-story shops?? Read More »

Where New York City Begins

One of my favorite ways to drive into New York is via Jerome Avenue in the Bronx. As you head south from Yonkers, both sides of the road are overgrown with beautiful green foliage. To the west is Van Cordlant Park… Read More »

A Rare Time Machine Sighting In The Bronx

In my 7+ years of scouting in New York City, I’ve only seen a handful of time machines. They’re just about the rarest thing you can stumble on, and on those few occasions when you think you seen one out of the corner of your eye, you’ll turn – and find only empty air. But something special happened the other ... Read More »

Why I Love Scouting Apartment Lobbies In The Bronx

I’ll never forget the first time I walked into an art deco apartment building in the Bronx. I was taking pictures of a mural on a Grand Concourse building, when a passerby suggested I check out the interior. I headed through the nondescript entrance hallway… …into what has to be one of the most beautiful apartment lobbies in New York ... Read More »

Is This The Weirdest House In New York City?

I’ve been doing a lot of scouting in the Bronx recently, which is great because it’s the borough I know the least and I keep finding interesting little things at every turn. Case in point, I was driving down St. Lawrence Avenue last week… …when I passed by this house: Now, at first glance, you could easily drive by without ... Read More »