The Bronx

How To Turn Your House Into A Castle

Last week, I was scouting around the Bronx’s Country Club neighborhood, when I happened to turn down Clarence Ave, a nice residential street… …and a little house caught my eye off to the side: From a distance, it seemed like an ordinary enough house… But wait…were those miniature medieval turrets on each corner?? Read More »

A Ghost Railway Line In The Bronx

Last week, I was scouting for woodland trails, which brought me up to Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx. I’d never been before, and I randomly picked a trail and just started walking. A little ways in, I noticed something unusual off to the side of the trail… …A row of what almost looked like oversized gravestones: Read More »

A Haunted Mansion In The Bronx

This is why I love scouting the Bronx. Because you’ll be driving down a street lined with typical Bronx apartment buildings, the last place you’d expect to stumble on anything outside the norm… …when all of a sudden, you’ll notice something minor – maybe a break in the trees up ahead… And I swear, in the Bronx, these little snippets ... Read More »

Woolworth’s Insane Egyptian Temple Mausoleum (And A Few Others)

As I was exploring New York City’s cemeteries for my recent article on the Titanic, I ended up shooting a bunch of random graves that happened to catch my eye. I was just looking through the folder of pictures, and I thought I’d share a few of my favorites. First off, this is department store mogul F. W. Woolworth’s mausoleum ... Read More »

Being Watched

I was recently up scouting the College of Mount St. Vincent, which has a gorgeous campus overlooking the Hudson River. Mount St. Vincent often appears during daylight hours as an archetypal college in movies and TV shows (the movie Doubt in particular). But personally, I love visiting at night. Seriously – how can you beat this? There’s definitely a wonderfully ... Read More »