Times Square

What Will Happen To Times Sq’s Historic Embassy Theater?

Last year, I wrote a post encouraging everyone to visit the Times Square Visitor Center, regardless of whether you were a tourist or not. At the time, I had ducked in to use the free bathrooms, and was completely surprised to find chandeliers, marble accents and gold-framed posters in the entranceway… …wood-paneled walls with gilded decorations further in… …and beyond, ... Read More »

The Prettiest Building In Times Square Has Been Saved

Last year in September, I wrote an open letter to the new owners of the property at 1552 Broadway in Times Square asking a simple request: that they save a Times Square treasure. Nearly 100 years before it became a decrepit, out-of-business TGIF, 1552 Broadway was the showroom for I. Miller shoes, famous for supplying actors and dancers in New ... Read More »

The 1930s Bus Station Hidden In A Times Square Hotel

The other day, I received an email asking if a bus station, dating to the 1930s, still existed at the Hotel Carter. A hidden bus station from the 1930s? In Times Square?? I’d never heard of this before (in fact, I only knew of the Hotel Carter as one of the dirtiest hotels in America) but I had to investigate. ... Read More »

A Forgotten Sign in Times Square

To find one of my all time favorite signs in Times Square, you have to go a few blocks from the neon lights and hi-def LCD screens of New York’s bustling epicenter… …to the corner of 42nd Street and Ninth Avenue, an intersection that has remained defiantly seedy despite literally existing in the shadows of encroaching tear-it-down-and-rebuild-with-glass gentrification. There, forgotten ... Read More »