Labor Day Weekend Homework: Where Are These NYC Locations?

Be sure to vote for Scouting NY in CBS’s Most Valuable Blogger Awards here! You can vote daily through September 9! After way too long, I’m finally getting ready to do a new installment of New York, You’ve Changed, in which I compare shooting locations in an older NY movie to the NYC of today (Ghostbusters, Taxi Driver, Rosemary’s Baby). This is one ... Read More »

Warning Sign of the Day

What do spaceships & bowling alleys have in common? They’re probably the only two places you’re likely to a find a sign like this: Sadly, this was taken in a bowling alley. -SCOUT Read More »

Most Valuable New York Local Affairs Blogger??

Forget that Oscar dream – I’ve been nominated for the CBS 2011 Most Valuable New York Blogger Awards!  Sweet! Specifically, I’m in the Local Affairs category, and if you happen to feel I am indeed New York’s Most Valuable Local Affairs Blogger, you can vote for me here. In fact, if you really think I’m New York’s Most Valuable Local ... Read More »

An Unholy Union

Driving through Queens today, I saw that McDonalds and Starbucks have finally done the inevitable and fused together into an all-powerful red and yellow-striped latte and hamburger-dispensing mutant hybrid: Resistance is futile! I mean, what force on Earth could possibly stop a complete McStarnolds take over?? I think we’re doomed. -SCOUT Read More »

Scouting the…US Virgin Islands?

Last December, I wrote about a subway train American Airlines had decked out in beautiful travel photography. The post was pretty popular (apparently finding its way onto some pilots private message board that drove in TONS of traffic – wish I had a log-in so I knew what they were saying!), and a short time later, I got a letter ... Read More »

The American Gardens Building (AND Dorsia – What a Day!)

Just got done scouting the American Gardens building on West 81st Street and CANNOT WAIT to post pictures. Unfortunately, don’t have time now, as I finally got a lunch reservation at Dorsia (tip: just keep calling). Full post Monday! -SCOUT PS – Really surprised they haven’t gotten rid of the stains on the 11th floor carpet. But very cool to ... Read More »

Why Neil Patrick Harris Is The Coolest Guy Ever (Reason #3,874)

If you don’t like reading, just scroll down and watch the video. But I promise, it’ll be better if you know the story. May 2010. My girlfriend’s 30th birthday is coming up on a Saturday. We make plans to spend the whole day together, and everything is set… And then, our shooting schedule changes, and I get word that I’ll ... Read More »