Scars In Limestone: Finding Traces of the 1920 Wall Street Bombing

As I was scouting around Wall Street this past weekend, I noticed a number of tourists taking pictures of the usual sights: the New York Stock Exchange, Federal Hall… However, no one seemed to be paying any attention to one of the more interesting historical remnants, found at 23 Wall Street. Swing around to the north side of the building ... Read More »

Is This The Most Beautiful Elevator In New York?

A few days ago, I was in the lobby of a Manhattan apartment building waiting to speak with the doorman when I happened to notice an old elevator in the corner. I stuck my head in to take a look… This is hands-down the most beautiful elevator I’ve ever come across in NYC. From the ornamentation to the green leather ... Read More »

Scouting NY Is Finally On Instagram!

At long last, Scouting NY is finally on Instagram! I often put up pictures of the random interesting/pretty/funny/bizarre things I come across while scouting on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr…Finally breaking down and adding Instagram to the list. Join us, won’t you? And don’t worry, no 70s filters, I swear. -SCOUT Read More »

An Abandoned Outhouse Less Than 20 Miles From NYC

This week, I’ve been scouting for abandoned houses in the woods, and happened to come across this beauty about 20 miles outside of the city. As I was taking pictures, I happened to notice a little hut up the hill nearby. I figured it was just a tool shed, but then thought occurred to me… Could it possibly be an ... Read More »

Quick Update (And Stickers Are In)

Hey everyone – A huge thank you to everyone who responded last week to my call for help on my film project, UFO Confidential. I just wanted to quickly clarify something from the post. A number of people wrote to ask if I was interested in speaking with professionals in the film industry other than investors/producers – for example, production ... Read More »

Retracing Ichabod Crane’s Journey Through Sleepy Hollow

Last week, I was heading home from a day of scouting in Westchester when I found myself passing through Sleepy Hollow. Suddenly, it felt like autumn had officially arrived. As a kid, there was nothing I loved more around Halloween than revisiting The Legend of Sleepy Hollow – both Washington Irving’s tale, for which I had a beautifully illustrated children’s ... Read More »

Check Out The New Scouting NY Sticker!

As you probably know, I always send out a Scouting NY sticker/magnet to readers who donate to my film fund. I just ran out of last year’s version, so it’s time to unveil the new Scouting NY sticker, celebrating that unique manner in which New Yorkers can ignore pretty much anything… I know I left off a lot of good ... Read More »