So This Is The Largest Boulder On Long Island

Yesterday, I was driving along Shelter Rock Road in Long Island on my way back to the city… And as I was driving, I started to think to myself that Shelter Rock Road is a really interesting name for a street, and that it was too bad I’d probably never know find out what the origin of it was. Then, ... Read More »

Inside the Paramount Theatre, Shuttered For Over 25 Years

Whenever I drive down Bay Street in Staten Island… …I always wonder about the boarded-up movie theater between Union and Prospect. Shuttered for over 25 years, this was once the art deco Paramount Theatre, one of Staten Island’s grandest movie theaters. Built on the site of Cornelius Vanderbilt’s childhood farmhouse, the Paramount opened in October, 1930, with seating for up ... Read More »

New York’s Dancing Traffic Cop

Last week, I was walking by 57th & 2nd Avenue when I noticed a bunch of people filming a traffic officer with their phones. At first, I was confused – then I started watching, and it all made sense. There are several dancing traffic officers in the city, but I believe this is Mentoria Hutchinson, who the NY Times profiled ... Read More »

Are Scouting NY Readers From NY?

I just wanted to give a huge thanks to the 1,378 readers who have pushed my film fund past the $30,000 goal. Because of your help, I’m that much closer to achieving my dream of becoming a director, and I’m incredibly grateful for every donation received. When I started Scouting NY over five years ago, I thought it would mainly ... Read More »

The 5 Locations Low-Budget Films Should Avoid In New York

Every week, I receive numerous requests from no/low budget filmmakers in search of New York City locations for cheap. Some I can help with; most, I simply don’t know where to begin. While it’s certainly possible to make low-budget films in New York, it often requires a personal connection to secure those more difficult locations for an affordable price (friends ... Read More »

Why Can’t All Elevator Lighting Fixtures Look This Nice?

I had to scout an office space in the Chrysler Building the other day. As I was riding the elevator, I happened to glance up. You know you’re somewhere special when the architects cared this much about the elevator lighting fixtures: Such a great pattern (attention musicians: this would make an awesome album cover!): I know this represents just .01% ... Read More »

Scouting NY Has A New Website

Quick site note – After five years of having the worst organized website on the Internet, Scouting NY finally has a new design! I loved the old site, and resisted making the change for the longest time (I hate when websites I like completely change their layout). But I had to do it – I work really, really hard at ... Read More »