Tour The Incredible Valencia Movie Palace On May 25

Hey everyone – If you’re interested in taking a tour of the incredible Valencia Movie Palace, the Tabernacle of Prayer church will be conducting a tour on Saturday, May 25th, at 11 AM. Space is by appointment only – contact Sister Forbes at 718-657-4210 ext. 20 to sign up. This is 100% set in stone, so if you’re on the ... Read More »

Ghost Train Station Then and Now…

As a follow-up to Tuesday’s post about the now defunct Putnam train line, reader Wiscogirl emailed to say that a rare picture of the Van Cortlandt train stop in its heyday is currently up for sale on Ebay. Here’s the station today… …and in 1963, a few years after passenger service ended: I have to say that the above picture ... Read More »

Newsroom Scandal!! Did NY1 Rip Off Super Mario Bros. 3?

OK, this has been driving me nuts for years. Every time the NY1 weather report comes on, there’s a jingle in the background. And I SWEAR I know it from somewhere: Then I was playing Super Mario Bros. 3 the other day – and I realized why I was having such severe deja vu: I think we can all agree ... Read More »

The Best Hospital Ever

A few weeks ago, I was scouting a long defunct hospital when I noticed a whiteboard that still had doctors’ names written on it. It’s pretty common to find interesting bits and pieces like this in old hospitals, left over from when they were in operation. Then I looked at it a little closer – this must have been some ... Read More »

Sunday Field Trip! How To Visit The Valencia Movie Palace

Update: I was disappointed to receive word today that several people went to see the Valencia, only to be told that services were in session and to come back at a later point. Apparently, the church was not expecting such a large turnout, and is trying to figure out a better way to allow people access. Most likely, this will ... Read More »

But Do They Have Bookworms?

I was scouting a nice event space recently when I saw something unusual on the mantle… Plants growing out of books – what a great idea!  Looks like they used an Exacto-knife to carve out the pages, then potted some plants that don’t require a lot of water. Here’s another… Why don’t I ever come up with these things? Anyway, ... Read More »

Stopping By Archie Bunker’s House in Queens

Last week, I was scouting in the Middle Village/Glendale area of Queens when I realized I was close to an address I’d been meaning to check out. Only thing was, as I pulled up to the house, I couldn’t remember why I’d written it down. Over the years, I’ve saved up a number of Google Maps bookmarks of New York ... Read More »

Finding “The Shining” in New York City

Last week, I was scouting an empty townhouse on the Upper East Side. I turned into a room on the second floor – and stopped cold. Holy crap – Had I somehow been transported into the Overlook Hotel from The Shining?? Other than the color difference, the geometric pattern is a dead match. The townhouse dates to the 1920s, and ... Read More »