West Village

Will This 200-Year-Old Farmhouse Be Torn Down For Condos?

I’ll never forget the day I first spotted the 19th century West Village farmhouse that shouldn’t exist. I was driving down Greenwich Street when I happened to glance over and notice a strange little building poking through the trees. I pulled over and headed down Charles Street… …and came upon what has to be the single most unusual house in ... Read More »

The Secret Courtyard On Perry Street

I was scouting in the West Village last week… …when I happened to notice a cute stuccoed building on Perry Street, with an unusual second-story apartment entrance just above the arched entrance. As I was checking out the building, I happened to look through the gate… …and noticed something interesting: was that a second building just inside? Read More »

The Coolest Locksmith Shop in New York City

Chances are, you’ve noticed Greenwich Locksmiths in your travels through the West Village. It occupies a small storefront just south of Commerce Street on one of the stranger parcels of land in Manhattan… And though it’s been in business since 1968, it really hasn’t changed all that much. Compare the recent picture above to one taken in the 1980’s… Then, ... Read More »

The Smallest Plot of Land In New York City

One of my favorite bits of unusual New York City history is located on the sidewalk in front of West Village’s iconic Village Cigars store. It’s pretty well known, but I’m going to re-tell it because it’s such a great story. Set into the sidewalk is a small triangle (see my sneaker for size comparison), with the mysterious message: “Property ... Read More »

Halloween in NY: Bleecker Street

Halloween is the only time of the year that I actually pay attention to store window displays, and I’m always impressed by the offerings on Bleecker Street in the West Village. I took a bike ride down Bleecker today to take some pictures (I’m convinced there’s some sort of secret neighborhood association that spreads extra leaves on the ground to ... Read More »

Grove Street Surprise

I love being surprised by the city. Living in New York, you somehow adopt a jaded attitude that you’ve seen it all, which makes it even better when something unexpected comes along. As I was going down Grove St today, I passed a bus load of tourists gawking at the apartment used in the sitcom Friends, located on the corner ... Read More »