Westchester County

Scouting The Ruins of Jay Gould’s Indoor Pool

Whenever I go up to scout Lyndhurst Castle, railroad tycoon Jay Gould’s former estate on the Hudson River… …I’ve always wondered about the gated, semi-abandoned-looking property you pass on the way out. A bit of background: first built in 1838 for New York City mayor William Paulding, Jr., the estate was later purchased for use as a summer home by ... Read More »

Retracing Ichabod Crane’s Journey Through Sleepy Hollow

Last week, I was heading home from a day of scouting in Westchester when I found myself passing through Sleepy Hollow. Suddenly, it felt like autumn had officially arrived. As a kid, there was nothing I loved more around Halloween than revisiting The Legend of Sleepy Hollow – both Washington Irving’s tale, for which I had a beautifully illustrated children’s ... Read More »

Part II: Scouting An Abandoned Mental Asylum – A Visit To The Rockland Psychiatric Center

This is Part 2 of the Scouting NY tour of Rockland State Psychiatric Hospital, a 600-acre abandoned mental asylum complex in Orangeburg, NY. Be sure to check out Part 1 here! Construction of Rockland State Psychiatric Hospital began in 1927 on a 600-acre plot in rural Orangeburg, NY. Below, the Male Reception Building in its prime… …and today: Very little ... Read More »

Where Will Tom Hanks Get Big?

I’ve been scouting around the Westchester area recently, and every day, I pass the exit on I-95 for Rye Playland, an 82-year old waterfront amusement park. I’ve never been, so on my way home today, I decided to finally check it out – and see where Tom Hanks found the Zoltar machine at the end of Big. Well, good thing ... Read More »

This Guy Has His Own East Village Cube!

For the past few weeks, I’ve been scouting north of the city in the White Plains/Harrison area.  The other day, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye while driving… …peeking through the trees… The East Village Cube! On some guy’s lawn! If you’ve never been to NY, the iconic Astor Place Cube (officially known as The Alamo) ... Read More »

Forgotten Ruins in Dobbs Ferry

At first glance, it would be hard to figure out what this bland modern nursing home… …has to do with these haunting, castle-like ruins: Incredibly, they are actually within 20 feet of each other! You can see the castle just off to the left: The establishment pictured is the St. Cabrini Nursing Home, located in Dobbs Ferry, NY (a few ... Read More »

The Abandoned Boyce Thompson Institute

I recently posted about scouting Alder Manor, a dilapidated yet beautiful abandoned mansion in Yonkers. The manor was owned by William Boyce Thompson, an extremely rich copper magnate in the early 1900’s. This past winter, I had the opportunity to check out the former Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research, a beautiful brick structure located across the street from the ... Read More »

An Abandoned Country Estate in Yonkers

TO CONTACT ALDER MANOR ABOUT FILMING, PHOTO SHOOTS, WEDDINGS, OR ANY OTHER RENTAL PURPOSE, EMAIL joan@theplantmanor.com. PLEASE BE SURE TO SAY YOU GOT THE CONTACT FROM SCOUTING NY! It sits on a hill just outside of New York City, completely empty and, for years, decaying and nearly forgotten… This is Alder Manor, and it’s without question one of the most ... Read More »