The Fanciest Mouse Hole In New York City

I was walking up Wythe Ave in Williamsburg last week when something caught my eye… Wait for it… Getting closer… Almost there… And here it is: the fanciest mouse hole in New York City, featuring a Federal-style doorway complete with pilasters and a pediment! Alas, a scan of the code in the doorknocker area reveals it not to be the ... Read More »

Williamsburg’s Secret Beach

Though it borders the East River, no one really thinks of Williamsburg as a beachside community. But go behind some of the buildings on Kent Ave, climb down this rickety ladder taking care not to kill yourself on the rocks below… …and you’ll find that Williamsburg does indeed have its own beach! Sure, it’s not particularly large… …but it’s got ... Read More »

Forgotten Storefronts in Williamsburg

I’m always on the lookout for the remnants of old storefronts. You can pretty much find them in any residential area that has gone through a period of economic decline, and Williamsburg is no exception. One in particular I’ve always wondered about is at the corner of North 5th Street and Berry Street… Now boarded up and most likely part ... Read More »

Remnants of the Old W-burg Shopping Districts

I love seeing these signs gracing lamp poles in the North Williamsburg area because, to my understanding, they were put up long before the area went through its current day gentrification.  Sort of like if you put in shopping district signs, maybe a shopping district will follow? But North Williamsburg is not the only neighborhood with a shopping area. South ... Read More »

Bedford and Driggs, or Fourth and Fifth Aves?

I love Forgotten NY’s Street Necrology section, in which they pour over old city maps to find streets and roads that no longer exist – some having been covered by buildings or parks, others renamed or rerouted, others simply gone. I also love finding evidence of dead streets, and am wondering if I might have come across something in Williamsburg. ... Read More »

The Psychedelic Bus Dog

I frequently drive past this parking lot at Kent and Broadway in Williamsburg. Whenever I pass, I notice the psychedelic bus parked there… …and I wonder: what’s the story with the pit bull sitting in the second to last seat? He’s always there, staring morosely out the window at passing cars. I’d say he’s a guard dog, except there’s really ... Read More »

Tragedy on Broadway

It’s funny how you stumble on interesting bits in the unlikeliest of places. I was scouting Broadway in Brooklyn, which runs underneath the elevated JMZ train and is basically a series of greasy restaurants, dollar stores, and bodegas. If you look closely, partially covered up by the 99¢ store sign is this really great sculpture, which centers on a tragedy ... Read More »