Clean Hands Protect Health!

This was painted on the tile wall of a kitchen that probably hasn’t been used in about 60 years:


I love the red fingernails, the font on the lettering, the detail on the hands, and especially the fact that either its painted as if looking at someone who is holding up their hands for inspection…or the thumbs are on the wrong side.


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  1. Do you think it’s a one-sentence descriptive statement, or rather two separate commands?

  2. Oh creepy! Maybe the person who painted it used their own hands as a guide, then added the last touch of the fingernails without really thinking. But quite a little gem you found. The color is pretty rich for 60 years or so.

  3. Your photos make my heart race- SO good! I Love all of them and this one is fabulous for my bathroom because we are dirty people-and it would be quite helpful…Thanks for your posts- they are brilliant!

  4. Or the black guy with the big bald head is looking up at his hands wondering why they’re so tiny and white.

  5. the thumbs aren’t on the wrong side: the painting on the left is clearly a right hand; the one on the right is a reflection of the painting on the left. Perhaps this is to show that the “lady” who just washed her hands is standing in front of a mirror and checking both sides of her hand to make sure they’re clean

  6. Not so sure, looks a little evil to me. The red fingernails? Come on!