Come Out To Plaaaaay…..

Can you dig it?









Check back Monday….


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  1. [Spoiler]


    Nice job tracking these down.

  2. I loooove this movie! Every time I watch it I mourn anew the loss of those great old wood turnstiles that used to be in the subway system, the wood smoothed and discolored by years of hands touching them, the real push you had to give them (because they were not light), the clunking sound they made as they turned to let you through.

    Can’t wait until Monday!

  3. Though it’s marked the 96 St. Station, the modern picture looks like my 72nd Street Station… of course, the movie shot could be the 72nd St. Station made to look like the 96th for some reason.

  4. It is definitely the 72nd Street station. The message on the glass says so. The 96th Street station has been remodeled extensively in the last few years, so it’s all changed around, but I think until recently the only entrances were from the sidewalk, nothing from the boulevard strip as on on 72nd. So the movie may have used 72nd to shoot. Either one would make sense with the scenes in Riverside Park.

  5. Come out and play-e-ay!


  6. Dude! Cool! I was wondering when you’d get around to the Warriors!!

  7. Warriors. I love this flick. Can’t wait to see this done in your inimitable style.

  8. The statue seems to be very worn now since the time of the movie, it needs restoration.

  9. LOVE that movie! Can’t wait to see your post on this!

    P.S. The 96th St station is still there, isn’t it? I seem to remember it’s on the Broadway median, but it’s not in use anymore.

  10. The 96th St station house that is . . .

  11. Beat Street!!!
    You gotta do Beat Street!!!
    I can help
    That may be my project