Could I Get A Hand Holding This Thing?

One of my favorite blocks in Manhattan is West 46th Street btw. 5th and 6th Avenues. An incredibly diverse mix of styles are represented there, ranging from art deco buildings to brownstones. All were built prior to 1930 and very little has been done since, making the block essentially an architectural museum. West 46th is also home to one of the skinniest buildings in the city.

One of the more interesting on the block is this fantastic neo-gothic building at No. 33.

Holding - 01

Underneath the second floor archway are some fantastic sculptures, my favorite of which is this winged demon who looks pretty unhappy to be holding up the building.

Holding - 03

On either side of him are these hunched figures, who seem to be handling the task a little better.

Holding - 02

I love the details on the hands and feet, and the way the figures are writhed into their positions.

Holding - 04

The New York Times writes: “[the building] could almost be out of a horror mystery by Stephen King, with its spiky, rather threatening, pointed niches and shields; grimacing winged grotesques; and several hunched, straining figures..” Definitely read the Times article on the street, then make it a point to take a walk down the block next time you’re in midtown.


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