A Little Thank You

Did you get one? Let me know!




  1. Yes! Thank you for the nice surprise! I’m gonna try to put some magnetic backing or something on it so I can put it on my car.

  2. I just got mine today! What a nice thank you and surprise. Wishing you the best and happy holidays!

  3. Nick, I did get mine yesterday afternoon. Can’t figure how you got
    my address but I was thrilled to receive. Will be saving it for
    posterity and the knowledge that one day, when you surpass Spielberg,
    it will be passed on for generations. Stay focused and thanks again for a great morning treat!

  4. Hey Nick I got two!! Thank you! And… Dallas now has a place for you to screen your film… Check out thetexastheater.com. Just happens to be the theater where Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested on 11/23/63 after he (allegedly) shot President Kennedy. War is Hell was playing and there were only 5 other patrons there when he gate-crashed his way in. Now owned by 4 filmmakers, one of the features is a monthly screening of indie films with the filmmaker present for members. Come on down!

  5. A bit late to reply, but yes received it a couple weeks ago. Thank you and looking forward to your work!

  6. Awesome surprise. My son (11 yo) is a huge fan, so getting acknowledged by someone who is an “Online Star” was awesome. Laminated and made into a Christmas Tree ornament!

  7. yep, last month, thanks! it’s on our fridge.

    just walked down Theater Alley and past 5 Beekman today, thought of your site…

  8. Belatedly – yes, got one! Many thanks!

  9. Nick – just came to see the PitBull rescue story and saw this link. Thanks so much for the sticker – and more so for the GOOD WORK in helping to find a home for this lovely, beautiful animal.

    Best to you – your fellow artist in Florida.

  10. I didn’t get around emptying my PO Box for quite some times. I usually can tell by the look of the envelope who its from. But today there was one I didn’t have a clue about. It contained your sticker. Nice surprise. Thanks a lot!

  11. Mine arrived today – a nice surprise! Will hold it for when you’re a gazillionaire, famous filmmaker. I can sell it (autographed!) on E-bay and retire to AZ. (kidding – thanks!) Best of Luck to you – I’ll be following your work.

  12. Nick, thanks for signing the back of my sticker!! I didn’t even realize it until I knocked it from the fridge magnet and saw it! You are too sweet! Thanks for the sticker and good luck in your exciting career!!!! Please keep the posts coming, my first job with my ‘Art History’ degree was in an Architectural Preservation Department, I loved it and am just fascinated by old historic buildings, whether preserved or dilapidated 🙂

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