Enjoy A Post-Thanksgiving Meal At The Polish Tea Room Before It Disappears Forever

Last year, I wrote about one of my favorite Times Square eateries, the Cafe Edison, affectionately known to longtime patrons as the Polish Tea Room.


I described it as as the “fanciest diner in New York,” and I don’t think that’s an understatement…


The diner is built into the historic Edison Hotel’s former grand dining room (NOT the ballroom as is commonly believed, although that legend is probably too good to ever go away)…


…and much of the original detailing can still be seen in pristine condition:


Alas, the former haunt of Neil Simon and other Broadway titans will be vanishing off the face of the Earth at the end of the year, as the owners are being forced out to make way for a far fancier dining establishment.


But at the very least, one would expect the new owners to integrate at least some of the classic interior, right? Right?


Er, you should probably take a look while you still can. I hate to suggest going into Times Square, but this one might be worth it.


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  1. The architectural detail is lovely; but to lose those chairs would be a blessing!

  2. I am so sad to see this….Cafe Edison is one of my favorite places in NYC, as is the Hotel Edison where I often stay.

  3. Honestly a bit heartbroken over this. Edison Cafe/Tea Room was one of my favorite spots in NYC. Consistently clean and AWESOME deli fare. I’ll miss this. Hope the new location keeps the aesthetic of the place… …and the matzoh ball soup.

  4. totally cool…has it ever appeared in a movie?

  5. I worked on Broadway for years – I always ordered the matzoh ball soup and grilled cheese (with bacon, when decadent). I had my farewell dinner. The Broadway I knew is now Appleby’s and cartoons onstage.

  6. In the end, NYC is becoming more and more about only one thing. Money.

    To heck with history or culture.

    The NYC we knew and still remember is rapidly vanishing before our eyes ans there is little most can do. For ever positive like the recent effort to repair the 1964 Worlds Fair spires far more are erased from the map.