Enter Here, Stupid

Note: this building is now gone.

This building, at Metropolitan and Kent, always has some pretty great (and frequently changing) graffiti, but I especially love the enormous hand that showed up several months ago.

Big Hand

It makes me laugh everytime I pass by it. There’s something so direct and obvious about it – “Here’s the door, idiot.” Haha.


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  1. that’s an art gallery over on washington or greenwich right. i worked job right over there that was previously covered in someones iphoto gallery.

  2. what’s funny about this building is that there’s an art gallery in there called SECRET PROJECT ROBOT, you can see the stencil on the corner with a tiny arrow, that was there for a long time before the mural with the hand. and we make the joke now when we go by – “hey, where do you think the SECRET project robot is?” “gosh I don’t know!”

  3. Haha! That’s awesome!

  4. i thought it was pretty funny too when i read the sign above the door and found it so odd that there is also a surf shop around the corner… i never thought i would ever see a surf shop in nyc

  5. the writing above the door (right below the finger) says “live with animals” …or at least it used to. maybe a reference to the pig painting to the left of the door. or to the cleanliness of hipsters?