Finding “The Shining” in New York City

Last week, I was scouting an empty townhouse on the Upper East Side. I turned into a room on the second floor – and stopped cold.


Holy crap – Had I somehow been transported into the Overlook Hotel from The Shining??


Other than the color difference, the geometric pattern is a dead match. The townhouse dates to the 1920s, and while it’s possible it was left by one of the many film crews who have shot at this location, the quality is frankly way beyond what we normally do.


I got out of there shortly after. For some reason, I was getting the strangest urge to start peddling around around the place on a Big Wheel.


PS – Looking for a last minute Christmas gift? Unfortunately, this winter hat modeled after The Shining rug is sold out. But it’s pretty cool!


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  1. The interior designer Mary McDonald re-did a home office with a similar type of floor (–Million-Dollar-Decorator-s-Glam-Office).

    My guess is that the former owner was particularly forward-thinking when it came to interior design and the floor was the focal piece of the room.

  2. Nick – Yeowsa. Freaky. Hey I wanted to tell you I LOVE the new banner! Merry Christmas and thanks for the blog.

  3. This is actually a favorite pattern of interior designers – it first became popular with David Hicks’ designs in the 60s (, and is available in everything from wallpaper to rugs to fabric to tiles.

    The Shining just happened to have a very stylish carpet pattern!

  4. Funny I just watched that movie last night.

  5. – this picture of the carpet at Madison WI Monona Terrace Convention center is somewhat reminiscent of the Shining’s hotel floor. It’s even more orange than this picture conveys.

  6. Someone I’m facebook friends with posted a photo of that room with a triple foosball table in it. I’ve been studying his photo and yours, if it’s not the same room, it’s an exact copy!

  7. Are you selling Big Wheels? That would be “peddling”.

    If you mean moving the pedals with your feet, use “pedaling”.

    If you purposely wanted ambiguity, you have achieved it! 😮

    Have a great day! Good luck with the Big Wheel sales!

  8. I want an adult size Big Wheels.

  9. Hi Scout!

    Timberline Lodge in Oregon was used a lot for the filming of The Shining. My Mom was lucky enough to stay there (creepy!) and get a tour of the space from a very knowledgeable docent. It was built as a WPA project, and many of the textiles were made by hand to employ artists and artisans. Maybe this is the case with the carpet shown in The Shining?

    It seems like bold graphic patterned floors were the bee’s knees in Art Deco. This post reminds me of the images Scout posted of the fantastic Deco tiled floor in Ernest Hemingway’s Key West home. I would lovve a floor like that!

    In any case, have a wonderful holiday, and congratulations on your engagement, Scout!


  10. Dean Barger painted this floor for Eric Cohler.

    Here is what the room used to look like….

  11. It’s amazing that you were so off-handedly able to recognize the pattern like that!

  12. Was watching Martin Scorsese’s George Harrison doc, “Living In The Material World,” recently and noticed that the Yoko Ono interview was shot in this same room of that UES townhouse. Tip of the hat from one great to another?

  13. I just saw this room on the Netflix show Orange is the New Black, and remembered seeing it on here! Were you scouting for that? Regardless, awesome find! Obsessed with that floor now.