Amazing Vintage Electronics Store Sign In Brooklyn

I was early for an appointment at a Brooklyn college this afternoon to shoot some science labs, so I stopped for lunch in Park Slope. A Yelp search told me that Roma’s Pizza was decent (3/5 stars in my book), and as I was parking, I noticed this appliance store…


J&R TV (108 7th Ave btw. Union & President, Brooklyn – no relation to the better known J&R of Manhattan) has been in business for quite a while, and this sign is at least 50 years old, according to the employees.


For something so old, this sign is in fantastic condition. I love the bubble ads, the pastels coloring, the raised font…


Most of all, I love that most passerbys probably have no idea what a “phono” is.


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  1. Hey,
    I just found your blog (linked off of Tropolism) & I just want to let you know how great it is! You find so many treasures, it’s just a reminder to keep your eyes open. Keep up the amazing finds!

  2. Add to my Bookmarks 😉

  3. hah! I shop in that electronics store. Well, not very often, but I still do go in there when my air conditioner conks out every 5 or 8 years…

    there are some great quirky bldgs along 7th avenue, and 3rd street, on either side of 7th ave, is a double-wide block for some reason. Somebody told me it was a “private street” at one point, and gated off.

  4. Phono is a record player.

  5. Just discovered your blog today through Neatorama. I Live in LA and feel the same way you do about finding quirky little details no one else sees. Bravo.

    I’m commenting on this particular photo because I love that the Panasonic and Sony fonts are entirely different than they have been in years. Just great!

  6. I love your blog. Bookmarked it after reading one post. Great stuff!