Friday Locations Puzzler!

I didn’t have time to type up a roadtrip post tonight, so instead, I’m going to momentarily bring this back to NYC and give you an exciting Friday Puzzler! Woo!

While staying in a somewhat sketchy motel in the south, my girlfriend and I were flipping through the nine or ten working cable channels and fell into watching the movie Ghost.  Early on in the film, Patrick Swayze and his girlfriend move into a loft located at 104 Prince Street in the heart of Soho. Shortly after, the Swayze-man takes a subway train to his job on Wall Street.

Lives in Soho. Works on Wall Street.


Easy question: What subway line does he take to get to work in the movie?

Bonus points: To what stop?

First person to answer correctly wins! Answer on Monday!


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  1. I believe that would be the 2/3.

  2. Oh sorry, bonus points: 2/3 to the Fulton Street Station.

  3. The 6 from Spring to City Hall, then either hoof it to Wall Street, or if it’s winter time, wait for the 4/5 to Wall.

    Either that or hop on the R at Prince at take it to Rector.

    RIP W train.

    (Although back then, I guess the W was still in service… hell, who knows what was running back then… probably some crazy double-letter train…)

  4. he’s definitely getting off at the J/M Wall Street stop. So either he walks to the J/M at Bowery OR he takes the 6 down to Fulton and transfers.

  5. I’m going to guess the R/W to whitehall street. Since the W used to pick up right on Prince and bway in Soho.

  6. yeah, its the J/Z Broad St stop at Broad St and Wall St, which would be silly if he were coming from Soho, because he’d have to take the 6 from Spring St and then transfer at Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall when he could’ve just stayed on the 6 to Wall St. They must’ve just wanted to get the nice shot in front of the old JP Morgan Building with the Stock Exchange and the Federal Building in the background.

  7. The 4 at Spring St to Wall St – of course.

  8. J to Broad Street

  9. R from Prince to Wall

  10. I don’t think if it was this common it would be worth mentioning.
    Since this movie was filmed in 1989, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess he took the K train from Spring Street to World Trade Center.

  11. 6 from spring to city hall, transfer to 4 or 5 to the wall st. stop. Though that shot does look its at the 2/3 stop at Wall St., in which case he’d walk to the C, E or maybe even the K (RIP) at Spring St. and transfer to the 2/3 at Chambers St./WTC.

  12. Had to be the N/R to Rector St. (even though it doesn’t seem to be the stop in the photo). I don’t think the W ran back in ’89.

  13. 4-5 wall stret stop for sure.