Friday Odds & Ends: Umbrella Graveyard, Batman, Dutch Kills, & More!

Quick announcement – I’m going to be a guest on the Leonard Lopate show on NPR! I should be on the Tuesday show – I’ll post the times on Monday for anyone interested in tuning in.

Now for my Friday assortment of random pictures I took during the past week. First, what can only be described as an umbrella graveyard at Mulberry & Prince:


I saw this great little decoration above the doors of the building at 24th & Park…


…A guy wearing a lion’s skin, which he has apparently tied on himself using the lion’s front legs. Love the detail work on the paws:


More lions on this staircase on the Upper West Side…


What I love is that the lion heads seem to be straining to get free of the stone:


Left side:


Lego Batman keeps an eye on things at FAO:


Looking for the Broadway Diner in Times Square?


Maybe hoping to get a bagel or croissant?


Sorry, these are ghost signs above a place that now sells faux-antiques to God-knows-who:


A long time ago, a reader e-mailed me asking if I knew about the below building. If you look closely, above the storefronts…


…you’ll see this random Theatre sign. I have no idea what it refers to. An RKO used to be across the street…but this place just has no apparent theater.


This was in the adjacent window – odd, as it doesn’t seem to be directly part of any of the stores.


Finally, I love these Dutch Kills Civic Association signs, because it just sounds so threatening.


…Like, if you pollute, they’re going to hang you from a windmill.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. If I remember my mythology, I suspect the fellow wrapped in the pelt is Hercules, wearing the vestiges of the Nemean lion he slayed as the first of his twelve labors…

  2. Beat me to it, Chris!

  3. Cool NYC finds. You’ve inspired me to take a closer look myself, and to also visit Herald Square (I work nearby) to view the owl statue you wrote about earlier.

  4. Love the owls..and this site. I rarely get into the City (miss it) but I’m itching to go. After seeing your finds….makes me want to be there.

  5. Great site.

  6. I’m new to your site (and I like it), and I have a general question that might be a FAQ, but here it is:

    When you see something unusual, like that seemingly random “Theater” sign, why don’t you knock on some doors and find out what the explanation is? The super or older tenants might know.

    Anyway, cool site!

  7. Hi Ed –

    Mainly because I don’t have time, unfortunately. While I wish this site was a full-time job, I’m usually in a rush to find location options, and can’t really stop. Usually, the internet can provide answers later on, but in this case, I’ll have to go back at some point.

  8. Just discovered your fantastic site and am so grateful for your sharp observations!
    You mention an old “theatre” sign above newer stores on West 81 St. between Bway and W.End Ave. I’ve lived in this neighborhood for over 40 years and I remember that the lower store was a used book store that had a very small theater above it. The theater was rather primitive and they had weekend performances of original plays, plays for children, and other very eclectic performers. Since the bookstore closed, various types of stores have existed there, including a build-your-original-robot store.
    Thank you for being an extra sharp pair of eyes for all your readers!

  9. Alexander Carney

    That space used to be the West Side Theater. It was a VERY small space that functioned as a community theater of sorts back when the West Sude was ungentrified. I grew up nearby. One of my friend”0’s father did play after play there.