Friday Puzzler! Where In NYC Was This Picture Taken?

Hint: Somewhere in Manhattan.


Bonus points if you know what it’s a picture of!


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  1. Hmmmm…looks like a really weird mineral sample. The Museum of Natural History? It might even be malachite! (One of my favorite minerals. 😀 )

  2. I have no clue, but it looks like hair on a statue. Can’t wait to learn where/what it is.

  3. Chinatown??? some weird vegetables?? 😉

  4. alien sexual organs? should be around the East Village then.

  5. looks like malachite to me.

  6. How did you get a photo of my refrigerator?

  7. Hmmm…Looks like the MNH to me. Yes? no?

  8. A form of coral? or anemone?

  9. taken at the bowery…picture of a fungus on a homeless persons toe…

  10. some zombie graveyard at midnight

  11. Looks like an anemone… New York Aquarium?

  12. Mayor Bloomberg’s wallet?

  13. Looks organic but dead; American Natural History Museum?

  14. I’d have to say the mineral collection at the American Museum of Natural History.

  15. sea asparagus ( )? So maybe a grocery store like Whole Foods or something?

  16. I think is a florist sponge. So in a flower shop.

  17. Looks like the end of a steel cable from a suspension bridge or elevator that has been melted. Could it be from World Trade Center?

  18. Rubin Art Museum – Statue of buddha

  19. my first thought was a statue, but I went to the Met. But I can’t figure out of what because the photo creeps me out! Eeps.

  20. sorry meant to say “…but I went to the Met (not the Rubin)”

  21. I’ll guess Takashimaya.

  22. Definitely a type of copper or malachite. Probably in a museum because a piece like that would highly valuable. I have a small sample of the similar mineral

  23. The Statue of Liberty’s underarm hair? (she IS French)

  24. I live in the south, but it is copper wire. Looks like a cable that has weathered outside for sometime.

  25. The Statue of Liberty’s underarm hair? (she IS French)

    If she were American she wouldn’t have underarms hair. Or, tragically, another sort of body hair 🙁