Friday Wrap-Up: Still Eating Brains?, Some Young Guy, and More

Friday’s finally here, and it’s time for another wrap-up of various odds and ends from a week in scouting.

First, I was checking out a rooftop in the East Village when I noticed this interesting ice formation from the drain…


…which, if you look at it from the right angle, looks like a very sinister Edward Gorey-like bird…


It’s a Dunkin’ Donuts now…


But the mosaic tile entrance way will remind you that it was once a Peppermint Park, an ice cream parlor that seems to have closed at least several years ago, if not longer.


Great fish market exterior in Astoria…


…with bulging palm trees and fish…


…though sadly, this guy is missing his head.


Comedy Central has some amusing ads posted around New York for their new series, Ugly Americans, especially the zombie one:


I like this postal truck, because when it turns left…


…It’s happy! And when it turns right…


…it’s sad. You could almost ask Magic 8 Ball-style questions while driving behind it and wait for the blinker to respond.


Some Young Guy appropriately has his own star in Chinatown on Canal Street:


If you’ve never come across him before, artist Paul Richard goes around New York putting up museum-style placards on random objects, such as this electrical box in Soho:


The placard:


Finally, I admit, this triangle bit of land in Queens is not much to speak of…


…So is it really worth having the Park’s Department issue a sign identifying it as Triangle 37? Wasn’t someone out there owed a dedication??


Have a good weekend!


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  1. Peppermint Park- I recall it was shut down for repeated health violations, if it’s the one on E. 66th Street..

    Paul Richard’s cutesy stickers: self-referential art about the art world is so tired and schlocky.

  2. In the 80’s, the Astoria Fish market also had a matching embossed design on concrete in front of the store. It has long since been replaced with regular old boring concrete.

  3. A search of the Parks Department site doesn’t reveal anything about Triangle 37, however there is a Triangle 90 in Queens (and other un-numbered Triangles in both that borough and in Brooklyn), so there’s apparently some precedent for that type of name.