Ghostbusters 2 Location Contest Winners!

The contest is now over, and we have the answer to our Ghostbusters 2 locations search! The birthday party scene occurred…


…on East 78th Street between 1st & York Avenues! The big clue was the address of Dana Barrett’s apartment building, located just around the corner. The actual birthday building is located at 448 East 78th Street.


We had a number of correct entries to our first locations contest, and Chris at was more than generous in donating a few different Ghostbusters-themed prizes. Rather than give all the booty to just one winner, we decide to divide it up among five sharp-eyed readers for their hard work.


The winners:

Michael Daddino
Maura Murphy
Jerry Brace
Christopher Clinkenbeard
Isaac Regelson

I’ll be sending out emails to the winners to get addresses (exactly what you’ll get will be a surprise!).

Thanks to everyone for participating! We’ll definitely be having more site contests in the near future, so stay tuned.


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  1. What was the answer as to where the location was? I couldn’t figure it out and would love to know!

  2. Oops, really should have included that! Post is now updated…

  3. It’s lovely to see how much the trees have grown. Not just a function of the change in seasons, either.

  4. It was the weird apartment building in the background that was the giveaway for me. It’s totally unlike anything else in Manhattan. I guess I didn’t give the exact address just the block.

  5. I just went over to Google Maps, and the actual birthday building is not at 448 East 78th Street (a different building is there), but appears to be more like 420 East 78th Street – a little bit up the block.

    The Google Maps imagery doesn’t show what the exact number on the building is, but #420 is a pretty good guess. Maybe someone who lives nearby can go to the actual building and get the exact house number.

    Here’s the Google Maps link pointing right to the birthday building –

  6. This is all wrong, I was born and raised in that house they come out of, my god parrents owned it.
    It’s located at 420 east 78th street. it has an angel statue in the back yard.
    I moved from there when I was 15 in 1979 but I know that house!
    James Cagney also lived there!