Go Location Scouting & Win Tickets to NYC’s Premiere Haunted House!

Nightmare, New York City’s premiere haunted house, is back again for another October of terrifying the hell out of New Yorkers, and Scouting NY has a bunch of tickets to give away!


Unlike your typical “jump out and yell boo” haunted house, Nightmare strives to get to the heart of your deepest fears through frightening narratives and horrifically designed sets. This year’s theme is Fairy Tales, and something tells me this won’t be the same Hansel & Gretel yarn you remember from childhood (past themes have included Superstitions, Vampires, and Bad Dreams).

Scouting NY has some tickets to give away, and we’ll be picking three winners:

1st PRIZE: FIVE TICKETS ($150 value!!)

2nd PRIZE: FOUR TICKETS ($120 value!!)

3rd PRIZE: THREE TICKETS ($90 value!!)

HOW TO ENTER: It’s time to do a little location scouting of your own! Just take a picture of a place in your neighborhood you feel could be haunted, and tell me a little about what sort of evil lurks there.

Sure, you could go with that crumbling Victorian mansion on the corner occupied by ghosts. Or maybe it’s a weed-strewn field across the way, beneath which the living dead are waiting to rise. Perhaps it’s a cursed cemetery occupied by modern day vampires, or an ancient townhouse in which Lovecraftian horrors are striving to escape.

In short: use your imagination! Picture quality does not matter – prizes will be awarded for the most creative entries!

You have two weeks to scout this location, so get moving! Be sure to include 1) a picture of the location, 2) the actual address of the location, and 3) a few sentences about what evil lurks within.

Submit your entry to scoutingnycontests@gmail.com!


A spooky house in Queens

The Official Rules:

  1. Contest begins as of the date of this post through Saturday, October 8 at 11.59pm.
  2. One entry per person
  3. You must send your entry to scoutingnycontests@gmail.com.
  4. Include your name and address so we can mail you your prize if you win (your info will not be shared with anyone)
  5. Each entry has to include a picture of a haunted place, an address, and a brief description of its evil inhabitants
  6. From the correct answers, three winners will be chosen
  7. This is just for fun – rules subject to change whenever Scout deems it necessary
  8. No complaining!

Finally, be sure to check out more on the Nightmare Haunted House for more info and to buy tickets!


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  1. yay nice event, halloween is almost here. happy trick or treat people