Gone Fishin’

It’s been four stressful, hectic and bitter cold months, but our film is finally wrapped and I’m heading off today for a much needed vacation. So there’ll be a bit of a hiatus til the next post…

…which I can’t resist at least mentioning now!

I just had the incredible opportunity of scouting a children’s camp that’s been abandoned for 15 years, complete with lodge, cabins, swimming pool, and more! Tons of pictures to be posted as soon as I get back…

025 Cabin View 03

But the best part about scouting an abandoned children’s camp? All the awesome graffiti in the cabins from past campers…

040 Bunk 3 12

…which goes back quite a ways!

039a Bunk 3 14

See you in a few!



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  1. Did you see Jason Voorhees?

  2. This isn’t in NJ, is it? It looks super familiar.

  3. Words cannot express how much I love this blog. Really.

  4. I’m guessing University Settlement Camp in Beacon NY? Walked into that very same place just a couple years ago and was blown away at this cool resource (used to be for city kids) just left to rot… The city owns it now but lacks any real vision. The Clearwater (the boat) has it’s main office there now though, so there’s some chance it gets taken care of. Don’t miss the Theater: it was completely open unlocked little theater. Hope this is the spot at least…

  5. Jeremy In Kansas

    Your blog posts about abandoned places are my favorite ones. As a Kansan, I just don’t understand how places can be abandoned in the New York City area. Here in Kansas LOTS of places get abandoned, but with so many people on the East Coast I would think that you would have to use every piece of land available.

  6. I’m also voting for University Settlement, which local officials here in the Beacon area are trying to renovate. BTW, there are tons of super-cool abandoned factories, farmhouses, churches, etc. in the Beacon/Newburgh area that I’ve discovered since moving here 3 years ago. C’mon up!

  7. Is it one of the many, many summer camps in the place that practically invented the idea of summer camp — Harriman State Park?

  8. Camp Quidnunc?
    It was a Girl Scout Camp until the 1970’s.

    • I went to Quidnunc..this is not it.. there is nothing left on site to see.. trails are but the bulidings are gone .,. Who are you>> we have a facebook site and would love to know if you would join …lots of pictures there please let me know thanks

  9. As a huge fan of New York City, I been lucky enough to accidentally find this wonderful site! Hope I visit all these places someday.
    Thank you for creating such an awesome thing!

    Greetings from Barcelona.

  10. Great to know you’ll be back shortly. I check your site out daily and
    can’t wait until you return. Be safe and tell us about your new journey


  11. its remember me on a horror movie