Happy Halloween, New York City (EC Comics Style)

I figured today was the perfect day to post one of my all-time favorite EC Comics covers from the 1950s, by the brilliant Johnny Craig. I love that he included the NEW LOTS AVENUE designation – does that make this a 2/3 train?


Happy Halloween!!


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  1. It would actually make it a 3 (or 4 train back then). The 2 (and the 5) split off and terminate at Flatbush Avenue.

    • On the contrary, I’m pretty sure the 2 train ran to New Lots and the 3 to Flatbush in those days. While it’s hard to tell by looking at maps from the 1950’s (they don’t label route numbers), the maps from the 1960’s and 70’s depict this pattern of service. As far as I know, the switch didn’t occur until some time between 1978 and 1987.

  2. Say, Scout, as a Columbia alumnus and a comic fan, you might enjoy this:


    There’s a great parody of a Vault of Horror cover, done by Bhob Stewart: “The Vault of William M Gaines.”