Be careful in Central Park tonight…

Happy Halloween!



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  1. I knew Charles Addams and his wife Tee. Charles (you never called him Chuck or Charlie) was a great enthusiast of pre WWII vintage cars, and when I knew him he had a black Bugatti type 35 race car and a mid 1930s Aston Martin roadster.He was close friends with Henry Austin Clark Jr. who owned the Long Island Automotive Museum in Southampton,NY which is how I knew him as Austin Clark was a good friend of mine. We would bring our pre war cars to the annual fund raiser that Charles and Tee had for ARF (Animal Relief Fund). Austin and I brought our Packards and Charles his Bugatti. The Bugatti ran out of gasoline just as we got it back to the auto museum one night and we had to push it about 200 yards!

  2. I wonder if that Bugatti is the one that HAC bought at the Willis Byrd estate auction which was across the road from Planting Fields in Oyster Bay.

  3. A number of years ago I saw a movie on regular t.v. about a group of young people and their harrowing night in NYC after an immense creature emerged out of the Hudson river. The entire account was captured on raw video format. Very obscure flick, and I haven’t seen it since. Saw it about 8 or nine years ago. I’ll keep looking.