Is Scouting NY As Enjoyable As A Pack of Highlighters? A Handy Guide!

This evening, I received an inquisitive e-mail from an anonymous  reader with regard to my 3rd Annual Scouting NY fund-raising drive:


Hmmm. An interesting question. How to put a value on content you’re used to getting for free?

I’ve thought long and hard about it, and I think the only way is to compare the enjoyment you get from Scouting NY to products you buy without much thought. In other words, if you get as much enjoyment out of one of the following as you do an entire year of original content from Scouting NY, perhaps that’s an appropriate donation amount? Below, a few suggested comparisons:

starbucks copy







In all seriousness, I’m not kidding when I say ANY amount counts, from $1 to $10 to $20 and beyond. If every reader simply gave a few bucks, there is no question that we’d not only reach the $15k goal, but double or even triple it. Thank you in advance!

And thank you to all who have donated so far. Seriously, it means the world to me.


If you enjoyed reading this post, would you consider making a donation to help me make my first movie? The goal is $50,000, and to date, 1,728 Scouting NY readers have donated $36,348! Just $5 or $10 can make a difference - AND you get this snazzy Scouting NY sticker/magnet as a Thank-You gift! Click here to donate today!


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  1. When I read the headline, I wasn’t sure whether or not I was going to like the post, because asking for donations is always a slippery slope. But I like the points you’re making and you made me laugh.

    Living in Europe I’m an avid New York Fan, visiting every now and then. And every time I return I go see something I read about on your blog. Or I stumble upon something I saw here but forgot about meanwhile. So you’re adding double to my life, which means that I will donate a second time (I already did so a few months back). I hope you reach your goal!

  2. man, where the hell are there $11 dollar movie tickets in new york? that shit is like $13.50 now.

    • Ha, I know, but I’ve referenced $13 movie tickets before and people from out of town are like, what?? It’s only $7 or $10 where I live. So I averaged to confuse everyone.

  3. Always a pleasure to read your blog. Well worth $10. Thanks! And best of luck with the screenplay.

  4. As a native New Yorker, I make it a point to visit your site daily for updates. Keep up the great work and good luck with the film!

  5. I paid $246.00 for two tickets to see the film Koyaanisquatsi (which I’ve always enjoyed) at Lincoln Center two weeks ago, so I guess a “donation” shouldn’t kill me.

  6. Just donated 40.00 to my favorite ‘go to’ website! Lots of cool stuff to scout here in Monroe, CT., including an awesome abandoned mental hospital, abandoned farmhouses, creepy old New England cemeteries….

  7. Scout,

    I’ve already donated a couple of times so my wife would no doubt stop me from anteing up but I’ve got to tell you, this post deserves a generous contribution in its own right. Very funny. I’m glad to see that this latest push is seeing the tally climb.

    I’m based in Australia and have never been to NY but this site is the only one that I RSS. What’s enjoyable about your blog goes beyond NY. I understand that your screenplay is of the horror genre; however, I hope that it captures the same enthusiasm and humour that you display in this blog. I’m looking forward to seeing it. Thanks and best of luck.

  8. Funniest damn post I’ve seen in a while.