How To Turn Your House Into A Castle

Last week, I was scouting around the Bronx’s Country Club neighborhood, when I happened to turn down Clarence Ave, a nice residential street…


…and a little house caught my eye off to the side:


From a distance, it seemed like an ordinary enough house…


But wait…were those miniature medieval turrets on each corner??


Ha, OK, is this not the cutest little castle you’ve ever seen? Sort of like a little baby castle, who hopes to one day grow up to become a big adult castle?


As I was taking pictures, I found myself really hoping that a miniature archer would suddenly rise up with bow drawn and threaten me away. Alas, this did not happen.


If you look to the side of the house…


…you’ll see that the turrets continue around the back. Also, I couldn’t see for sure, but it appears that decorative round windows (stained glass?) line the sides – perhaps in keeping with the castle motif?


And lest you think the garage might have been left defenseless, be forewarned…


It has its own miniature turrets too!


In the face of these mighty defenses, I ultimately had no choice but to order my armies to continue onward down Clarence Ave, in hopes of stumbling upon a less fortified house for the sacking.


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  1. Where are the license plates?

  2. Janice Delaney Stearns

    I wish you had knocked on the door (or rang the gong) to ask about its history. Looks like a Dutch/Huguenot type architecture…

  3. The other markings on the structure remind me of a Mason’s Hall.

  4. Built by a mason with a lot of time on his hands or preferred to stay out of the house.

  5. I live near here. This house always fascinated me. I would love to know the history behind it, if any. I remember when I was younger, the house was painted blue and was even more Castle-esque.

  6. On a related note: across the country, in the St. Mary’s neighborhood of the Foothill district in Salt Lake City, Utah, there’s a similarly-themed house with a castle-like tower. A few years ago it had a very 1970s, wood-panel vibe going on, until they tore down all but the tower to rebuild.

    Until you reminded me of it with this post, I hadn’t actually seen the reconstruction until just now, so that’s interesting:

  7. OMG Parker! Why did you link to that hideous thing??? LOL It is actually pretty bad, though dude…