If I Were Embarking On An Amazing Adventure…

…I’m pretty sure this van would be the optimal choice for transportation.


Canoe? Check. Extra gallon of gas? Check. Antlers on the hood? Check. Let’s roll.

(Seen in Williamsburg, of course).


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  1. My brother once went on a criss-cross US road trip with a friend. They had a similar set-up.
    They skipped the canoe, and instead strapped a full waterbed mattress to the top of the van to have water the whole way. A ‘single’ waterbed mattress can hold about 125-130 gallons… that’s a long way between refills.


  2. Wow, love this van.

  3. what year is it??

    I hope that canoe is used and is not just there for posterity’s sake.

  4. i see this down in red hook a lot as well. such a rad van!

  5. Nick, A buddy of mine here in FL has an old air conditioned VW van. The air conditioning comes from the rust holes in the body. Perhaps it is needless to say that it doesn’t look this good. 🙂

  6. OH, I love this van! Looking at it makes my heart skip a beat.

  7. This van belongs to Billy – one of cutest dogs to pound Brooklyn pavement. I love Billy.

    Billy parked his butt in the passenger seat while his owner (man’s best friend, and all that…) traversed Brooklyn streets in search of a blank canvas pleading for some color……

    Their street art in Williamsburg & Red Hook was ubiquitous and always signed, “Love, Billy”

  8. Well, Scout, to each his own. My choice would be this bus, often parked above Cooper Union: