The White Castle Regional Office Looks Like A White Castle

In case you’ve ever wondered what the regional office of White Castle looks like…


…it looks like a White Castle.


Spotted at the corner of 69th Street and 34th Avenue in Queens.


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  1. The number of crackheads showing up at the regional offices…

  2. I’ve been here. It’s across the street from a bowling alley, and I can tell you from experience, when you stumble out of that bowling alley more than a little drunk at 1 AM and see the White Castle across the street, you probably won’t be so impressed at the regional office’s adherence to the brand.

  3. If they lobby doesn’t have bulletproof plastic dividers and a haze of grease on anything then it is all a sham.

  4. Have you seen the headquarters?

    (We used to drive past it on the way to my grandparents’ growing up.)

  5. Even the national headquarters building in Ohio has a bit of the castle motif.

  6. Back in the Summer of 1981, I was with a group of friends coming back from a club on Long Island late at night and we stopped at the WC in Lynbrook. While we were inside ordering food, one of my friends was robbed at knifepoint while urinating behind the building. Two weeks later, we stopped again convinced we would be safe this time. This time someone ripped a chain from another friends neck. We laughed about it then and everytime we occassionally get togethe since. But it is wild how White Castle is so synonymous with crime for most people.

  7. I go past this place all the time. It looks like a White Castle and a post office had a baby. I think it’s the flag pole that gives it the post office vibe.